We have the largest collection of football songs & chants that have been sung by Evertonians over the years. Whilst some have been sung for only a small number of games, many of these songs have been sung for decades.

This material is used with the permission of evertonsongs@btinternet.com and is provided for educational purposes only. Caution is advised.
Annotations have been made when possible.

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60 Grand, 60 Grand, Séamus Coleman
After The Ball Was Centred
Alex Young, Alex Young
Allez Allez Allez Oh
All The Fans Fall For Eddie Wainwright
All The Fans Roar For Davie Hickson
All The Scousers Went To Rome To See The Pope
All Things Bright And Beautiful
And It’s Everton
And I’m Feeling Gwladys All Over
Are You From Dixie?
As I Walk Along The Bois Boulong
Bertie Mee Said To Gordon Lee
Bless ‘Em All, Bless ‘Em All
Blue Is The Colour
Blue Moon
Born In A Barn In Ellesmere Port
Bring Down Your Scruffy Man United
Build A Bonfire
Can’t Buy You Stones
Dixie Dean
Don’t Blame It On Latchford
Duncan Ferguson
Duncan Had A Pidgeon
Duncan Is Our Hero
E-V-E-R-T, an O, an N
Everton, Everton, Everton
Everton Are Magic
Everton Rule And Don’t You Forget It
Everton ‘Til I Die
Every Other Saturday Is My Half Day Off
Everywhere We Go
Fields of Goodison Park
Foggy On The Docks
Follow, Follow, We Will Follow Everton
Forever Everton
From Bob Latchford To King
Fuck ‘Em All
Give It To Dixie
God Rest Ye Merry Kopite Men
Gordon Lee’s Blue White Army
Hark Now Hear The Toffees Sing
Here We Go
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, To Wembley We Go
His Name Is Joey Royle
How Did Jimmy Kelly Die
Ian Ian Rush
If I Had The Wings of A Sparrow
If You Know Your History
If You’re Feeling Tired And Lonely
It Was On A Dirty Saturday
It’s A Long Way To Wembley Stadium
I Was Born On The Gwladys Street
I Was Born Under The Stanley Park End
I Was Walking Down Lime Street
I Went To Old Trafford With A Stanley On My Knee
I Went To United To Get Me A Red
I’m A Bowlegged Chicken, I’m A Knocked Kneed Hen
I’ve Never Felt More Like Singing The Blues
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
Joey Sewel Is Our King
Marching Down The Goodison Road
Merrily We Roll Along
My Everton
My Name Is Super Kev Campbell
My Old Man Said Be A Liverpool Fan
My Old Man Said To Me
No Other Team
Now Is The Hour
Now I’ve Always Hated Kopites Since The Day I Was Born
Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da
Oh Come Let Us Adore Them
Oh Eddie Your Football Gives Me Much Delight
Oh Everton Oh We Love Everton
Oh Isn’t It Great To Be An Evertonian
Oh Me Lads, United On The Telly
Oh Me Lads, You Should’ve Seen Us Coming
Oh Merseyside Is Wonderful
Oh When The Blues
Olly Olly Olly With Your Balls In A Trolley
One Cockney Two Cockney Three Cockney Four
One Goal At A Time, Bob Latchford
One Scouse At Warwick Station
On The First Day of Christmas
Our Half Back Line Is Strong And Firm
Play Up Everton
Play Up Everton, Everton Play Up
Roberto Had A Dream
Royal Blue Jersey
Run Chelsea
Run Run Whoever You May Be
Said Shankly To Yatesy
Scousers Here, Scousers There
Show Them The Way To Go Home
Stand Up If You Love The Blues
Stanley, What’s The Score
St Domingo Song
St John’s Body Lies A Molding In The Grave
Street End Boys We Are Here
Tell Me Ma
That’s The Place That Means Heaven To Me
The Blues Are Coming Up The Hill, Boys
The Everton Boys
The Mighty Everton
There Is A Place Called Wembley
There Was A Forward
There Was A Team Called Liverpool
There’ll Be Blue And White Ribbons On The Cup
There’s A Cockney With His Handbag
These Boots Were Made For Walking
They Took Away Our Hatchets And Hammers
They’ve Got The Worst Supporters
This Old Man, He Told Me
Those Were The Days My Friend
Tiptoe Through The Street End
Tom, Tom Cleverley
Wait ‘Til Christmas
We All Live At The Back of The Gwladys Street
We All Live In A Blue And White Palace
We Are Here, We Are There
We Are The Boys In The Blue And White
We Are The People’s Club
We Are The Scousers
We Are The Team, We Are Supreme
We Don’t Carry Bottles
We Had Joy We Had Fun
We Hate Nottingham Forrest
We Love You Everton, We Do
We Might Get Done
We Shall Not Be Moved (Onwards Evertonians)
West Is Connected To Tommy Wright
We Support A Team That Plays In Blue
We Will Follow Bill Bingham
We’ll Be Running Round Wembley With The Cup
We’ll Drink, A Drink, A Drink
We’ll Fight And No Surrender
We’ll Fight For Alun Evans
We’ll Keep The Blue Flag Flying High
We’ll Walk The Wheelbarrow
We’re All Mad, We’re All Round The Bend
We’re Forever Throwing Bottles
We’re Going Down To Wembley With The Greatest Side
We’re Gonna Win The Cup
We’re On The March
We’re The Bullens Road Paddock
We’re The Everton Bootboys
We’re The Pride of Merseyside
We’ve Got A Diamond Called Ross Barkley
We’ve Got The Best Behaved Supporters In The Land
When I Was A Little Bitty Boy
When I Was Just A Little Boy
When I Was Young A Park End Boy I Wanted To Be
When I Was Young My Daddy Said To Me
When You’re Smiling
Who Put The Ball In The Redshite’s Net
Who’s The Greatest of Them All
You Are My Everton
You’ll See The Fans A Pouring