Roberto Martínez is close to making former Wigan striker Arouna Koné one of, if not the first signing of the summer. The 29 year old Ivory Coast international has raised some questions across our fan base given his age & his £5m price tag. Whilst some Evertonians see him as a great addition to our small squad, others believe he is no better than the strikers we already have at the club, and that we should be aiming higher if we are to improve on a 6th place finish.

Here’s a statistical comparison between Koné and Everton’s forwards based on their performances last season:-

  • Koné
  • Jelavić
  • Anichebe
  • Mirallas
Arouna Koné
D.O.B: 11.11.1983
Birth Place: Côte d’Ivoire
Height: 1.82m
Koné: All Competitions 12/13 (Wigan Athletic)
CompetitionStartsUsed As SubGoalsAssists
Premier League322115
FA Cup4022
League Cup0000
Koné: Premier League 12/13 – Goal Attempts (Wigan Athletic)
Minutes played2929
Mins per goal266
Shots on target36
Shots off target34
Total Shots70
Mins per shot42
Mins per shot on target81
Clear-cut chance scored7
Clear-cut chance missed13
Shooting Accuracy51%
Chance Conversion16%
Clear-Cut Chance Conversion35%
Nikica Jelavić
D.O.B: 27.08.1985
Birth Place: Croatia
Height: 1.87m
Jelavić: All Competitions 12/13
CompetitionStartsUsed As SubGoalsAssists
Premier League261172
FA Cup5011
League Cup0100
Jelavić: Premier League 12/13 – Goal Attempts
Minutes played2427
Mins per goal347
Shots on target32
Shots off target41
Total Shots73
Mins per shot33
Mins per shot on target76
Clear-cut chance scored4
Clear-cut chance missed18
Shooting Accuracy44%
Chance Conversion10%
Clear-Cut Chance Conversion18%
Victor Anichebe
D.O.B: 23.04.1988
Birth Place: Nigeria
Height: 1.85m
Anichebe: All Competitions 12/13
CompetitionStartsUsed As SubGoalsAssists
Premier League19764
FA Cup3113
League Cup2011
Anichebe: Premier League 12/13 – Goal Attempts
Minutes played1716
Mins per goal286
Shots on target21
Shots off target24
Total Shots45
Mins per shot38
Mins per shot on target82
Clear-cut chance scored4
Clear-cut chance missed8
Shooting Accuracy47%
Chance Conversion13%
Clear-Cut Chance Conversion33%
Kevin Mirallas
D.O.B: 05.10.1987
Birth Place: Belgium
Height: 1.82m
Mirallas: All Competitions 12/13
CompetitionStartsUsed As SubGoalsAssists
Premier League23463
FA Cup3111
League Cup2022
Mirallas: Premier League 12/13 – Goal Attempts
Minutes played1831
Mins per goal305
Shots on target28
Shots off target16
Total Shots44
Mins per shot42
Mins per shot on target65
Clear-cut chance scored3
Clear-cut chance missed4
Shooting Accuracy64%
Chance Conversion14%
Clear-Cut Chance Conversion43%

Koné scored more goals and made the second most assists of the forwards in all competitions. In the league, he was second to Mirallas for shooting accuracy and clear-cut chance conversion, while having a marginally better overall chance conversion. While Koné did outperform our established forwards in key areas last season, the difference between them was not extraordinary, especially given that he played 502 more league minutes than Jelavić and more than double that amount when compared to Mirallas or Anichebe.

We certainly do need a consistent striker to push forward, but is Arouna Koné the answer? I’m not convinced.  I think the £5m we are to spend could have gone towards a younger forward with more potential. At 29 years old, he is hardly a player for the future, but I expect him to make a fairly quick impact and 15 goals shouldn’t be an unrealistic target.


  • snoop  03/07/2013 at 19:30

    Good little article that mate, not sure if he is the answer. If he is one of 2 strikers bought in then its decent. If he is the only one, I think there are questions need answering.

    • Everton Aren't We  03/07/2013 at 19:47

      I went into more depth with the intention of posting it when he signs, but EPLIndex released something similar today so I chopped it down and got straight to the point ha.

  • Bernadette Cranny  03/07/2013 at 19:38

    I don’t think Kone is the answer. Anichebe needs a run in the side and he will score 15 or more. Jelevic will have learned from last year and a good pre season will see him 15 goals a season. Kone is too old in a team that needs youth. What about Jordan Rhodes or Victor Moses.


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