Warning; The following article contains swearing.
It seems that the current Everton Board has come in for increased criticism, disgruntlement and questioning from our fans in recent months, and if you ask me – this is more than justified. A poor season on the pitch and our failure to secure sufficient personnel in the required areas has been a sticking point amongst supporters, but regardless of our on-field disappointments it is our off-field performance that continues to frustrate what seems like a growing number of Blues. Many are sick of the predictable outcome that is supporting Everton FC. The recent presentation given by financial expert Joe Beardwood at Goodison Park last month might have added fuel to the anti-Kenwright fire with ‘revelations’ of no active business plan at the Club, no desire for a sale or investment, and our Chairman asking for ‘donations’ the more likely reality being the main talking points. The fallout from that particular depressing evening at Goodison may have opened the eyes of some fans who have been blind to the running of the Club they support, or in other cases it may not alter at all how some Blues view Kenwright and his colleagues – let’s be honest, there will always be people who will never have a bad word to say about him – but for me personally my thinking began to change long before these so-called revelations surfaced. I think we all know (some amongst us don’t want to believe it) that there is no business plan at Everton, there’s no ’round the clock’ search for investment, the apparent hope to find a buyer is a complete myth, the subject of Walton Hall Park and new projects have been well and truly brushed under the carpet, there is no war chest for Martinez for new players, no aspirations to improve ourselves commercially, or as a brand, there is no investigations from the media; the local press are censored that much it is almost a black-out, there is no enquiries from potentially interested parties, no new ideas, there’s nothing to see here, please carry on – that is my feeling about Everton Football Club as a whole. It makes me sad to write this, absolutely worried for our future, but these are my emotions and fears. I’ve become quite disillusioned by a lot of it, both on the field and off it at Everton, the Premier League as a whole, and without some sort of hope and target what is left for me to cling on to?

Basically, in my opinion, long before Beardwood’s presentation, the fact of the matter is that Everton are just existing; at the Club there is no such thing as striving to become something better, no objective, no financial shrewdness or business target, no likelihood of investment or change to push the Club forward, no likelihood of a new ground (or need for one, in Beardwood’s opinion) and ultimately no hope for Evertonians. To sum it up, I believe that more and more Everton fans (the questionnaire drawn up by Grand Old Team, in partnership with other well-known Everton sites, represents this) are now feeling this way, and in my opinion they have every right to be concerned. Some Blues want a lot more, and expect a lot more for this Football Club, whereas others are happy to bide their time, coast along and continue to plough money into Everton – that is fair enough, who am I to tell those people what to do or not to do. But what angers me most is that these people do not see a return on their investment and efforts. Their investment and efforts are NOT matched by the current Everton Board or the mentality of the Club. They have no vision, no plan, no model, no acumen, no interest in improving, yet people will always go the game, pay their money and carry on, and whilst they do this the Goodison hierarchy feel no need to make alterations, or look to better themselves and MORE IMPORTANTLY – this Club. Existence – it is just what we do, until someone or something happens, but how long will it take?

Everton Fan

Following on from Beardwood’s presentation and the reaction that ensued we then read an almost retraction of his presentation items in the Liverpool Echo over the weekend. For me this typified the relationship between that particular local media source, people who dare to speak out against our Board, and our Football Club. It is hard not to assume that after his presentation in front of the Club’s shareholders and press at Goodison Park, Joe Beardwood has since been ‘spoken to’ by the powers that be at Everton and he has now played down the Club’s need for a rich owner or to have any aspirations at all- basically we should be grateful for what we’ve got. Propaganda, censorship, hidden agendas, call it what you will. It’s like Kenwright’s golden circle; you are either in or you are out, and when I say out you are not welcome at the Club – he won’t have any snakes in his camp, just yes men. Beardwood branded Evertonians as ‘childish’ for wanting a billionaire owner – yet not for one minute have I ever heard a fellow Blue demand a billionaire owner (Beardwood himself is an Everton fan, surely he should know this) he also went on to say we’ve been regularly punching above our weight and that a victory over a ‘big team’ at Goodison should, in reality, qualify for success. Absolute dross if ever I have heard it. We only punch above our weight because not enough people demand success from this Club. The ‘overachievers’ aren’t we. The ‘Club of the People’. Everton have become like that lad who you hang round with, he’s nice, he’s popular with everyone, but he can never cop off – Everton are well and truly in the friend zone when it comes to relationships.

“I know lads, we didn’t like what was discussed at Goodison Park last month, Joe’s presentation portrayed us in a bad way, let’s have a word with our friends at the Echo and see what we can come up with, then let him have another go”

It is mentality like this that makes me sick, it makes me want to fuck it all off, what is the point? So should we release a DVD because we beat United 3-0 the other week? Proof that whilst we do pull off the odd notable victory over a bigger side over the years then that probably keeps a proportion of our support happy! Does it keep me happy? Does it fuck. It’s so small time it’s unbelievable. I spoke to Neville Southall last Friday night who said ‘we should all be going to that stadium with the belief that we can win the league’ he went on to say ‘why can’t we believe we can win a trophy, it’s only six games to win the FA Cup’ – he believes that’s where the problem lies, and I can’t disagree with what he says. The whole mentality needs to change, from the stewards to the hot dog sellers to the fans, the manager and his players, everyone associated with the Club, why don’t we have faith that we can achieve? ‘It’s Everton though isn’t it’ – I say fuck that theory, stop accepting failure and demand more. Of course there is a gulf between the likes of City, Chelsea and the rest, but does that mean we have to throw in the towel, should we not aim to bridge that gap, force ourselves to attempt to break the mould, if not then what is the point in going to Goodison Park? ‘Mediocrity, mediocrity, mediocrity’ – You can just envisage Kenwright standing on his board-room table yelling that at his fellow board members and Club seniors every time he is in town. It’s ridiculous. ‘As long as we are in the Premier League, we’ll all be able to drive our fancy cars and live in our fancy houses and throw a suit on, go the game and act like we give a shit, won’t we lads?’.

Robert Earl

As for the press, it stinks, I probably sound like a broken record but I find it hard to believe that people still buy and read the Liverpool Echo. There is simply no probing, no pressing for information, no recognition of fan-concerns or key issues, they are in bed with the Club and it is so predictable to see what will be reported next. Former players on the Club’s payroll writing columns and blogs about how important Kenwright is for the Club, how Everton are in a ‘good place’ with him at the helm, talking about only needing a few players, never wanting anything more. Plucky little Everton. The Echo’s constant ‘bigging up’ of the current Blues Board and ‘playing down’ of the Club’s reputation, aspiration and fans intelligence is shameful and downright insulting. The Beardwood article is the latest episode, the Sunderland fan headline was an indirect dig at us too (you may have noticed, or not), what will be next? They love to wind us up, it’s almost like they enjoy having the power to manipulate our fan base ‘we know everything but tell you nothing’ – well I won’t be manipulated, I will speak out against an organisation who are very snide in what they do. An organisation that find it acceptable to print the following words and refuse to comment on what the response is from our fans, he can shove his fucking spread sheets up his arse this fella.

“It’s childish to complain that we haven’t got a billionaire owner. You’ve just got to try and finish above where you are in the wages league table. I’ve got spreadsheets covering the last 10 years and compared to where they are in the wages table, Everton are regularly winning the league by a country mile in regards to where they finish. We’re not going to win the title but we’ve regularly been punching above our weight. I reckon that Everton have got the 12th biggest wage bill in the Premier League so to finish 10th, ninth or eighth and turn over a big team at Goodison Park every once in a while is success” – Joe Beardwood in the Liverpool Echo, May 2015

I can’t fathom how other Evertonians share this view, I’m sorry.

Like it or not there are real issues at Everton FC, and over recent years not many people have wanted to approach them, but now it appears that there are more and more Evertonians voicing their concerns about the current Board, the running of this Football Club, our hopes (or a distinct lack of them) for the future, and the people who are paid to report on such issues (journalists). It’s become a key topic, and others who have been quite vocal against Kenwright in the past might believe their voices were not heard enough at the time – well surely now there is too much to ignore, our fans need to unite and demand transparency, demand information and question the people who run our Club. A Club who stick stickers on your seat if you haven’t renewed your season ticket, a Club who give Goodison a lick of paint every now and then and believe it is acceptable, a Club who commercially disappoints on an embarrassingly consistent level, a Club who feed us shite catering at ridiculous prices, a Club who release DVD’s celebrating the fact we’ve won a game, drip-feed us propaganda, jump into bed with the Press to earn themselves a ring of steel, a Club who will play down the importance of keeping Ross Barkley and Stones but talk up the importance of keeping Tim Howard and Tony Hibbert, and a Club who take us as fans for absolute mugs.

Seat Renewal

You might say ‘stop supporting them then’ because my views sound so harsh, but I was born into this Club, my love for them will never end, but with this love also comes passion, belief, hope and an unrivalled desperation for success, with this love comes heart, with this love comes money, blood, sweat and tears, effort and investment in my time. Unfortunately you just don’t get any of the above back from Everton FC – especially from the Board – but the Club have got you by the bollocks because they know many will never turn their backs on them and stop going the game. It’s a crushing reality. Not for one minute have I said I desired for a billionaire owner or anything fancy, I am not stupid enough to think that everything just all of a sudden falls in to place, but how much is it to ask that we have a Chairman, a CEO and a Board who share my beliefs, have a business plan or colleagues with the know-how to succeed, a group of people who want to take this Club forward rather than keep stalling and existing for the sake of it, or why don’t they even contemplate letting go of the Club into the hands of those who can take us further or make us better? How much is it to ask of a local reporter to report on the issues highlighted above, rather than me spend hours of my day penning my thoughts because I’m sick to my stomach with worry, they are paid to do it, and paid off to only do it as Everton say, whereas I just write an article about the Club I love and I say these things straight from the heart, I could write things like this every day I feel that strongly, does anybody else?

It is one big circle of secrets at Everton FC and at the moment, after a disappointing season (in the past, if we’ve done well on the pitch it has been a nice distraction from off-field concerns) there is plenty of concerned Evertonians out there who see a bleak future for the Club they all love. Do you share those concerns or are you happy with the way things are? I’d be interested to know. For me, life is about trying to improve, be it a job, personal circumstances, who you spend time with, life is about being happy, having something to aim for and most importantly when times are tough you have can always rely on a bit of hope – it pains me to say it but unfortunately nowadays at Everton FC there is not a lot of that left any more.

On a final note, I’ll leave you with this.

“There has never been a business plan at Everton. A lot of emotion, a lot of good people but it can’t just be about this whole model that’s been created, it can’t just be about winning trophies” – Joe Beardwood at Goodison Park, April 2015

Might as well pack up and go home then lads.

A modern-day Premier League Football Club with no business plan? When has being nice or emotional about something made it a success? It can’t just be about winning trophies?


Actually it can be about winning trophies and for once we should all stop constantly accepting second best, because with that sort of mind-set we are never, ever going to move forward as a Football Club unless things change. Does this badge and our motto not mean anything anymore?


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  • Brian Porter  14 May 2015 at 01:37

    Well said, spot on, and right to the point. Brilliant article which further expounds on the points I made on another forum after the Beardwood report first appeared. He seemed to insinuate the we are suffering from some collective madness because we want to see our club in the upper echelons of the Premier League. To say we should be happy to finish in 11th or 12th because that is where our financial status places us is totally crass and unbelievable. If we, or any club, stop striving for excellence and aiming for the top, we might as well all go home, forget playing the football matches and simply compile a table based on financial status, end of story. A football match is 11 v 11 and, regardless of finance, both teams should be playing to win, and though the big money teams will inevitably hold an advantage through the quality of players they acquire, it does not preclude us or anyone else, from being capable of assembling a team capable of challenging their superiority. It’s time the board got their act together and started working for the benefit, not of themselves, but those who follow this club every week through the good and the bad times. Despite what they may believe, this football club belongs not to them, but to the ‘little people’ the fans who pay their money every week to watch and to support Everton F.C. Without their backing and undying loyalty, Everton would gradually cease to exist. Once again, a super article that speaks eloquently of the problems besetting our great club, sadly, all or nearly all of them, coming from the inside, from the very heart of the club.

    • George Batt  14 May 2015 at 11:21

      Couldn’t agree more, and what you said about the Liverpool Echo is spot in, they won’t say anything that’s going to lose out on free dinners tickets, an all the other little jollies that go with that particular association

  • Jon Mooney  14 May 2015 at 10:01

    A very interesting a sobering read. I’ve had my concerns over the years too. It seems the likes of West Ham and Southampton have a real model in place to improve. I know West Ham fell lucky with the new stadium, and Southampton have been at St Mary’s for some time now, but these are lesser clubs in my eyes, but with state of the art stadiums. Until we improve or move we will not attract investment of any kind simply because the costs that new board will have to foot are simply too great. It seems Mr Kenwright has driven a double decker down a cul-de-sac!!

  • Paul Casey  14 May 2015 at 10:31

    A well put together piece by an Evertonian who feels the pain which is currently enveloping our club. This guy Beardwood also states in his report that Everton are not a corporate club and does not need a new stadium. The mind boggles! I bet his seat is not one of the 4,000 that has Restricted View stamped on it. (Even the Sunderland fans commented on the shithole which is G.P.) This guy Beardwood sounds like Everton Board material! Maybe your article should be stuck to the back of the chairs at G.P. instead of Season Ticket renewal notices and for good measure, nailed to the forehead of the Red Echo editor. All we want as Evertonians and at the very least deserve, is to be informed of the goings on at our club. On a final note, we may never attract a billionaire owner and I personally do not want one, but with the criminal amount of cash in the P.L. surely we can scour the globe for the best managers, coaches and players who will die for Everton. We have done it before. Diego Simeone and Atletico Madrid adapted this model and upset the apple cart and if this board wakes up from the malaise it has been in since Kenwright took over, so can we.

  • xander  14 May 2015 at 10:40

    I don’t understand the point really? ‘Be ambitious’ but how will that make us into a super power? Arsenal, Liverpool and Man U have built on success they have had during the sky era and even they don’t look like challenging for a title and are more or less the same as us but with a bit more money. Chelsea and Man City are the only ones likely to reign at the top and we all know why they’re up there.

    Getting a Randy Lerner, a Venky or any of the other investors which the most the premier and championship teams have, probably won’t make much difference and in some cases makes things worse – QPR? Business plan?

    I’m not happy that we are treading water and it’s so frustrating and you want to blame someone for it but I think it is down to modern football. It reflects modern life – Money and capitalism reign supreme, the rich are getting richer, the poor poorer and the middle can just struggle and exist. Sad.

    I’m not a board apologist or a defeatist, it’s just unfortunately the way football is. There is no way forward unless you strike lucky like city or Chelsea.

  • Paul Furlong  14 May 2015 at 21:00

    I was at that meeting and it was depressing. Not sure what the objective was. One thing that stood out is the lack of performance regarding what Joe called non media revenue. He said the likes of West Ham and Fulham are ahead of us. No real explanation was given why this was the case.

  • Stevo69  15 May 2015 at 08:45

    You’re correct, the mentality runs through the Club from top to bottom, try’n buy an Everton shirt, an Everton scarf, an Everton mug, in fact an Everton anything from anywhere except the crap shop …….. You won’t be able to.
    But yunno what ? The shop is called ‘Everton 2 Liverpool 1’ …….. That’s enough.
    Take a walk through Liverpool Airport, you’ll see a shop selling Liverpool everything, you won’t even see an Everton diary !!!!
    Some idiot at Evertons Commercial Dept is losing our club millions in revenue because he can’t do his job properly.
    Remember the last World Cup when Tim Howard was the man of the moment, feted by everyone, remember when he met President Obama ? ……. Imagine for a minute if the United or Liverpool publicity machine got hold of that …….. The President of the USA and his kids with Liverpool or Utd scarfs on.
    But Everton ? ……..we’re happy with an stupid shop with one changing room that’s usually empty next door to the redshite shop full of Norwegians watching replays of Euro wins on massive screens.
    It’s pathetic, and someone in Everton needs to seriously get a grip.

  • Steve Lee  15 May 2015 at 23:25

    Heartfelt and hard to argue with. Except… well, except it’s just a big moan isn’t it? I do it myself. You can’t put Southampton up as an example – they’ve had a couple of good seasons but spent most of their time at St Mary’s in the Championship. The idea of a ground based transformation seems bollocks to me. It’s nt even transformed Arsenal’s fortunes significantly. City got a free ground, but it took the Arab money to make them what they are. I suspect West ham will play to ahalf empty ground and won’t progress unless the pornographers flog them to someone who wants to make money some other way. I’ve not seen anyone yet come up with a remotely credible idea of how to move our club forward and that’s more depressing than anything.

  • Alfieboy  19 May 2015 at 11:42

    No serious attempt to sell vine club? To who? Who is buying football clubs these days? I don’t want a Russian criminal laundering his money, or some Arabs with appalling human rights records in their own country. I don’t want
    Vincent Tan (wouldn’t we look great in red), or a Lerner or the Venkys. And as for that guy at Leeds. Has anyone ever made a serious bid for us? The truth is that (Blackburn Rovers aside, and that was bought as well) the Premier League had only ever been won by four teams. This fact is not going to change in the foreseeable future. I believe that if a credible offer was received from a credible source then the board will sell, but who is out there? Here’s the news, nobody with the money we need is buying football clubs anymore. Can the club do better in the meantime? Sure. Can we do worse? You bet.

  • Chrisexile84  1 June 2015 at 18:04

    Depressingly good article mate. Comments by Stevo69 hit the nail on the head too – our commercial work is scandalous, how anybody thinks that we can get away with only selling merch via the club shop is beyond belief.


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