The news we were all waiting for has finally arrived. Martinez has gone and the club can look forward to a new era, with an effective manager at the helm backed by Farhad Moshiri’s millions. However, a new manager isn’t the only change needed at Goodison. This whole debacle has exposed some uncomfortable truths about our football club, which must be addressed before a similar situation is repeated.


We are not ‘The People’s Club’

Everton have showed an authoritarian stance against dissenting fans in recent weeks. Drowning out a peaceful, respectful and much needed fan protest with music played over a PA system turned up to 11 is a cowardly move and drew criticism from all quarters of the fanbase. Everton have also used their influence over local media to smear the fans that have dared to stand up to their supreme masters, having been labelled ‘keyboard warriors’ among other childish insults in recent weeks. All this after a season of a manager who regularly insulted the intelligence of Blues by trying to tell us draws with Crystal Palace are phenomenal, then saying the FA Cup hasn’t affected our campaign before shamelessly backtracking in a futile attempt to buy himself more time. Everton fans have followed the team up and down the country all season, and to receive this treatment from the club they invest time, money and emotions into is nothing short of a disgrace.


Our ex-players need to locate a pair of bollocks ‘Sharp’ish

Last week, ex-Everton players Ian Snodin, Graeme Sharp and Graham Stuart all came out in support of Roberto Martinez. You don’t need me to tell you how wrong they were, but some of the comments made in the process were farcical. ‘Be careful what you wish for’. Yes Blues, be careful. It would be a disaster in the making if we were to sack an inept manager and replace him with a good one. Very risky move. This is particularly laughable coming from Graeme Sharp who won titles and European honours with Everton, but to ensure he keeps his payroll he has urged fans to accept consecutive bottom half finishes. Contrast this with Neville Southall, who gave a frank and honest assessment of Roberto on Radio City before the Leicester game, and called for his sacking because he knew it would benefit the club he loves. Messrs. Sharp, Snodin and Stuart – hang your heads in shame.




Everyone has a mate who works at Finch Farm

The ITKs have been out in force over the past few weeks, each providing different stories about when the sack was going to fall for Roberto. These ‘sources’ have proved a mysterious force, seeming to change their information when it suits current speculation within the media. By the looks of things, Bobby and Bill have done a tour of every 4 star hotel in Merseyside having meetings. Next time Darren who works in the café at the training ground or Jennifer Jewell’s cousin tells you they have some info, just keep it to yourselves lads. Save the embarrassment when none of it happens.


The Everton board are devoid of class

It was clear to the sane section of the Everton fanbase that Martinez should have been sacked after the Wembley semi-final. This would’ve given us a chance at getting into the top half while saving Roberto the humiliation of the constant job speculation, and the fans some soul destroying away trips to Leicester and Sunderland. But the Goodison hierarchy didn’t act and this painful calamity has dragged out into May. The Everton board well and truly left Martinez out to dry, sparing him only a toxic lap of honour. Either Bill fought tooth and nail to keep him, or the board were trying to save their pennies in extra compo – either way, it was wrong and they have let the club down in their conduct.


The fans reacted superbly

Everton fans have predominantly carried ourselves with high class and pride over these difficult months. The successful protest at the Bournemouth game was well organised and conducted in a manner that got our point across without acting like idiots. Well done to all that took part. In addition, fans stuck to their guns and refused to renew season tickets despite risking losing their seat, which may have been what eventually forced the clubs hand in sacking Bobby. Despite some terrible shouts from certain characters on social media, the fanbase as a whole has reacted well to the situation, and it is our efforts that have led to Martinez’s removal.

Overall, some uncomfortable realities have come to light. We have seen poor conduct from all sections of the club, but fan activism and resilience means we have got the outcome everyone was hoping for. This is a new dawn Evertonians. NSNO.

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  • Scot ball  15 May 2016 at 12:42

    Real touch of class by the fans who got Bobby sacked and cost us £5m in the process. Minority of fans shamed the rest of us who were wise enough to know what would have happened at the end of the year season. I’m happy he’s gone but this has also sounded out many issues with our fanbase who for the last 10 years can’t generate more noise than a championship club until they have something to moan about.

    • Everton Aren't We  15 May 2016 at 12:52

      He should’ve been sacked about 6 months ago. The negativity was killing the club and the only solution left was to do something about it. Many supporters were absolutely sick of the bad atmosphere at Goodison and that all stemmed from the managers tactics and decisions.

      You say ‘the rest of us who were wise enough to know what would have happened at the end of the season’. I’m sorry but that’s bollocks. Supporters had to make their feelings clear or he would still be here now making his case for a fourth season. It is also now very likely that we will lose some of our best players because we didn’t act quick enough to fix something that was clearly broken.


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