It’s not taken long for the dark clouds to roll in on social media. Our ever-reliable doom and gloom fans have already started with the negative posts about the team and manager. We’ve known for some time now that our squad is outdated and we have a lot of dead wood. Koeman’s appointment was never going to be enough on its own to turn our side around and make us a solid team overnight. Admittedly, our performance in the Dresden Cup was not as good as we had hoped, especially on the back of our earlier friendlies. However, there are still positives we can draw on from our performances. We’re pressing higher up the pitch and we look to get forward much more quickly than we did under RM. “High pressing doesn’t warrant 6 million a year for RK” I hear. You’re right, 6 million a year is a lot, especially when you look at what other managers are paid but why does that concern any of our fans? It’s Moshiri’s money and it’ll be spent how he likes. If he felt that RK was worth 6 million a year then so be it.

Our front 3/4 look strong and look like they’ll cause problems for defences in the upcoming season. Geri has been a stand out performer I’m sure we can all agree. His finishing needs work but so does Rom’s. It’s Geri’s pace and his eagerness to beat the defender that gives him a real edge. I think Geri will still primarily be a winger for us this season but he will be utilised as a striker when needed because I genuinely can’t see us signing a highly-rated striker if Rom stays. Niasse looks like he’s almost certainly off but I have a sneaking suspicion that Kone might still be knocking about.


Another positive I’d take from the preseason is that RK is clearly not happy with what he’s got. Doesn’t sound right reading that, does it? But even after our wins he was quick to point out during post match interviews that we need to do much better. We all know Martinez would have just raved on about our character during the match and not dwelled on the dismal defensive display. The biggest issue with this Everton team is that we cannot defend at all. We have a defence that reeks of ball-playing centre-halves and overly pressing full-backs mixed with mindless ball chasing. I am 100% confident that Koeman will be addressing this with our signings. If Idrissa Gana Gueye signs, as the papers suggest, then that is already a pretty decent step in the right direction as we have all seen the stats. Similarly, RK seems to be looking at your big physical type of defender which is a breath of fresh air for me. No nonsense, big tackles and stick it in Row Z if need be.

I don’t want to get into a debate about who we will sign and what we need because I’m sick of reading about signings, let alone submitting an article discussing them. What will be, will be. I genuinely think Koeman will have used the Dresden Cup to assess exactly what we need and what he wants. I am 100% confident there will be a lot of incomings before the season starts and certainly before the end of August, otherwise, why would RK have left Southampton instead of waiting a year before having the pick of the big clubs? Let’s all calm down, and get behind the team.

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  • Barry  30 July 2016 at 19:29

    Tim in his hay day could go five or six games with clean sheets but it seems to be the norm now for a blue keeper to concede at least a goal putting immense pressure on the outfield players to pull a goal back .. In a nutshell we need a World class keeper asap!

  • John Charnock  31 July 2016 at 02:07

    Good article that mate. Hope you’re right about the incomings!

  • Max Birkes  21 August 2016 at 20:54

    “It was so important get to half-time with a lead, and what’s more disappointing is the nature of the goal, a header that bounces off the back of a player and in,” said Martinez. 


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