On Saturday the Merseyside derby takes place at Goodison Park. Football fans all over the world usually look forward to their local derbies. However, and I would hazard a guess I’m not alone in this, I couldn’t care less about it. The reason being that just like our manager I fully expect us to lose. There will be some reading this who will  say “well you wanted him”. So I will address that first.

At the start of the season I thought we had a brilliant manager and had made good signings early on to break the top four. Even when we collected a host of number 10’s I thought “with our home record teams will sit deep so three number 10’s can play nice intriquite football and open them up”. Sadly it wasn’t to be and it went horribly wrong. After a long wait we appointed Sam Allardyce. Was I ‘happy’? NO. Of course not. Like I just said I expected us to be in the top 6 ahead of Arsenal at least. Did I ‘want’ him? YES, I think we needed him.

After that Southampton game, the way we played reminded me of the Aston Villa side that got relegated. Aston Villa sacked Paul Lambert and replaced him with Remi Garde. It was my opinion that we couldn’t afford to take a risk on an unknown manager like they did. After Watford had the cheek to turn down £10million for Marco Silva, we were left with little choice. My gripe was that he was given an 18 month contract. Anyway, he’ll be gone in the summer. But that won’t mean all of our problems will be solved.

This squad is awful and the boardroom is still full of idiots. There needs to be a root and branch clear out of the whole place. Board room, players and backroom staff. We play Liverpool on Saturday. Apart from Everton fans and Liverpool fans nobody is one bit arsed about this game anymore. We have become an insignificant club to the point where Rio Ferdinand wonders what our problem with Allardyce and a top ten finish is and Steve Brookstein says we are a small club. Steve is a Crystal Palace fan and says we were big up until the 80’s and haven’t been since.



When the Premier League started we were part of the big five with the shite, United, Arsenal and Tottenham. Those four clubs are miles ahead of us now as well as Chelsea and City. We need to have a look at ourselves. Evertonians sing “always the victims” towards Liverpool (it is not about Hillsborough) but in 2018 we are still blaming fucking Heysel for us being shite? Even Psycho Pat mentioned it the other day. Yes it was wrong what happened to us but everyone else has recovered from it. We cant continue to blame Heysel and them for us being crap, especially when we have a stand named after Phillip Carter.

When me and my mates started The People’s Group we did so because we wanted change and a better, more successful football club. One response I got was “if you want to watch a team that wins every week go and support Man Utd”. It was pathetic but then 6 years later people still seem happy to just plod along. Liverpool against Man Utd is one of the biggest games in world football. We are not part of it, so certain blues actively support Man Utd just so they can be part of a big game. The same ones no doubt will actively support Man City on Wednesday. Its absolute bollocks.

The club have just appointed Steven Pienaar as an international ambassador. This isnt a bad thing. Its just years too late. We once had Li Tie who was known as the Chinese David Beckham. We done nothing to capitalise on that. Arsenal on the other hand signed Junichi Inamoto for £4mil and made over £100mil in merchandise. Off the pitch as much as on it things need to change quick before we move to our new stadium. We should be pushing ourselves and demanding we get to a point where we ourselves are taking part in big games and winning trophies. Until the fans unite and demand this, fuck all will change and the only thing we can look forward to every season is the shite losing a big game.

This season can’t end soon enough for me. The summer is going to be huge and if the board, the manager, the players and most importantly the fans change their mentalities then, and only then, can we expect success in the coming years.

Up the fucking Toffees.

Anthony Scotland
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