Brighton v Everton Preview

Lately you’ve been acting mighty strange, to me it seems your attitude has changed, and suddenly you just don’t seem to same, instead of playing all those silly games.

What a win that was. The complete parallel of Spurs and completely un-Everton. How many times down the years have we gone away to sides like Burnley and struggled a point when we’re out of form? The win was so emphatic, that even our left-back was scoring a brace, the cute little Leighton Baines wannabe.

For me, an example of something I mentioned in the last preview. We’ll have days like this, when we absolutely body the opposition and remind them of why, in this case, they are Burnley and why we are Everton. I know Spurs was painful, but take a second to think – we got pummelled 4-0 away at Spurs last season under Allardyce. The very next game we drew 1-1 with West Brom, who four months later would be relegated, Niasse the scorer.

The point I’m trying to make, even if it isn’t the most articulate, is that we suffer a bad day, we’ve got it us to do something about it now. Rather than go meekly into games, Silva insists on keeping his style. What was that mad stat? Most we’ve scored away since 95 or something. That’s the Everton now boys and girls, take the bad with the good, don’t get too over-emotional, and look at the progress we’ve made already in six months.

Anyway, to the south-coast we go, where the Gwladys Street Ninjas take on the East Sussex Stripes in our final game of 2018. In a category that doesn’t have a great deal of challengers, Brighton retain the “Favourite Team on the South Coast” cup for 2018.

I really like their manager. If you think of all the shit he’s had to deal with, especially at Newcastle, he had every right to moan and whine. Instead though, Chris Hughton kept composed and his class and landed himself a great job at an ever improving Brighton. More importantly, always talks Everton up.

Friendly bunch Brighton also. They certainly buck the trend when you stereotypically think anyone south of Warwick services not being able to raise a smile to a stranger. The “Happiest Place in the UK” has a friendly feel. Some great bars and pubs, and some lovely architecture that your Nan would approve of. Whilst it doesn’t have the glorious sandy beach that say, Bournemouth has, it has a pier and it isn’t Southampton or Portsmouth. Those of you travelling to this will have a fine day.

They are fast establishing themselves as solid Premier League outfit and good for them. I know we think we have it bad, but they really did go through it. They nearly went bust in the 90s and they had an athletics track for a home ground for years, so fair play to them. One downside though – jib the jarg “Crystal Palace is our derby”. Stop making a game no one else is arsed about into something it isn’t.

Here’s some of the lids who Everton will make look silly;

Shane Duffy – Remember when he was at our gaff and his bird was offering straighteners out on Twitter to some of the lovely Toffee women out there. Halcyon Twitter days them. Seems a good lad him though, round of applause from the away end.

Lewis Dunk – That your name mate yeh? Grow up, you’re not 12, drinking cans of Monster at your local skate park.

Anthony Knockaert – Like a Kanchelskis with grade 1 skin-fade on his day, Idan Tal when he’s not. Digne will sort him anway.

Glenn Murray – The English Tosun, but seems well more equipped and definitely a goal threat. Mina, Mick Keane and Zouma will sort him anyway.

Davy Propper – That you name mate yeh? Grow up, you’re not a shit Dutch hardcore trance DJ.

Onto FC Sexy.

Was nice to see the 3 at the back work. There’s definitely a future for it. Those Football Manager heads amongst you will agree that it allows for fluidity and lets you attack, whilst keeping that solid base. I’m normal so I’ll just say it looked boss against Burnley. It does give us options to switch it round though. Another redeeming feature under Silva.

Bernard’s best game since Leicester. I’d been really disappointed with him and you feel he needs a season under his belt, but when he plays like that, he can turn games. Also nice to see Walcott grab the game by the scruff of the neck, but needs to do it consistently. Siggy looks like he benefits from the new formation also. Gomes is just Gomes. Christ, that hug-a-thon he’s doing is going to raise some wedge isn’t it?

I like DCL up top, give him a run of games up there now and free Richarlison into pockets where he can do damage. A word on him by the way. For a 21-year-old lad to be as thoughtful and understanding about this fan base and the generosity he shows to the kids is amazing. Stay forever, he’s going to have a great future. Pickford and the back 5 to get another run out hopefully.

Some very winnable games coming up. If you can get back-to-back away wins in this league, you’re a good team. Will set us up lovely going into 2019. Christmas period nearly over everyone, we’ve got a few more drinking days in us.

Up the Toffees.

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  • Nich Starling  28/12/2018 at 20:48

    Nice article, but disagree about Hughton. I watch Norwich a lot and he created the most negative team ever seen in these parts. It was poisonous at Carrow Rd yet the media piled in on Norwich Ciry as they all tried to defend nice guy Chris without understanding how poor he had made Norwich.

    Perhaps he’s learnt from this and Brighton are getting the benefit now.


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