Everton v Leicester City Preview

When you’re close to tears, remember, someday, it’ll all be over. One day we’re gonna get so high. Though it’s darker than December, what’s ahead is a different colour, one day we’re gonna get so high.

The Inconsistent Champions of the World strike forth again. Dear me Everton. You have a way to absolutely kill the mood. After sending us as high as a kite on Boxing Day, you went down like a fart in a lift at Brighton. Huffed and puffed like, but it’s shows yet again just how far away we are.

Silva got his starting XI wrong for me. Richarlison trying to make good out of a creatively bereft Everton, whilst up against Duffy & Dunk wasn’t ideal. We played very much into their hands and if we don’t make a fast start, we struggle as the game goes on. A real trait for us in the last few seasons.

A bad way to end 2018 that, but frankly, how bad has 2018 been? I don’t think it should be forgotten nor can I emphasise enough how far Koeman put us back. I know he had a good first season, I know he was sacked in 2017, but he & Steve Walsh go into the Football Fraud Hall of Fame. If they lived on Planet Fraud, they’d be deported by the Government for being too fraudulent. They genuinely put us back 5 years. The first manager in years to have proper money to spend and he blew most of it on tripe. To the point where we had to appoint Sam Allardyce and Sammy Lee.

Silva didn’t get it right, but i’ll cut him some slack for now, him and Brands. There’s still massive work to be done behind the scenes before we can even think of getting it right on the pitch. Jib the calls for his head half way through his first season though eh lads?

The first game of 2019 brings sees us back home where the Goodison Road Gangsters take on the East Midlands Blues.

Funny side Leicester. Claude Puel was, if you believe the whispers, under pressure and ready to be replaced a few weeks back. Then they go and beat City, giving a helping hand to the shite. Nice one for that lads. The reverse fixture of course, saw us turn in a proper away performance and a magnificent goal from Siggy. Feels like we need to roll our sleeves up here to get a result against these – a Goodison full of hungover arl fella’s who have to help the wife take down the Christmas deccies on New Year’s Day, won’t make for a belting atmosphere. Still, be moody Park End please.

One gripe Leicester fans. Well in for creating a miracle and everything when you won a title as a 5000/1 shot, but you were absolutely crap at celebrating it. You should be still partying now. I mean, if we won even a League Cup i’d be swimming in a paddling pool of Erdinger for about 6 months.

Here is who is going to turn up at our gaff;

Jamie Vardy – Fair fucks, was given a limited skill set and managed to work so hard, he got himself a Premier League winners medal and an International career.

James Maddison – Even though last time out, Siggy sent him to Byrne’s for a sausage, chips & curry sauce dinner, he’s a very tidy player who we should of signed. Watch him Gueye.

Harry Maguire – NASA astronauts can see three things on Earth from outer space. The Pyramids, The Great Wall of China and Harry Maguire’s head.

Kasper Schmeichel – Forever in the shadow of his arl fella. Defo one of them mate’s that if you split from your long term missus, he’d be a shoulder to cry on for her before being arsed about you.

Caglar Soyuncu – It’s been doing my head in for ages who he looks like, and I’ve worked it out. He’s a mix of Lord Farquaad from Shrek and the fella on the Men Without Hats – Safety Dance Video

Danny Simpson – That your name mate yeh? Grow up. You offered Carragher out on twitter and lost. Word to wise, never take on anyone from Bootle.

Marc Albrighton – In some mad universe, he’s the lovechild of Vladimir Putin and Stacey Solomon.


I just want a good run now. I thought we we’re onto one after Burnley but yet again we turn into the Everton we know and love. Tough game this one.

I went on in the last preview about how a back 3 has a future and I still believe it does. Trouble is when you haven’t got a true centre forward and you don’t have players in the middle creating anything, it looks like it’s a poor tactic. Christ knows if he’ll stick with it or go with the back four again.

I think if he goes for a back 4, then Big Yerry misses out i reckon. Mina’s poorest in a blue shirt that so he may drop to the bench for this as Zouma and Keane were actually really good in an otherwise poor performance.

I’ve really wanted to hold off from having a go at Coleman, but he’s not been the same since the injury and he’s getting older. If you believe what you read, it’s an area we’re looking to add depth too. He’s averaging about 6/10 every game is Seamus at the minute and Kenny isn’t getting a nod, so he needs some pressure putting on him.

Dinge is a class apart by way, very very lucky to sign him.

After looking so so good early on, Gomes & Gueye look like they’ve never met each other at the minute. It’s painful to see that if Gomes has an off day, we literally have no idea how to be inventive. It’s why I have my doubts with Bernard. Exactly the type of game Brighton where we needed him to step up there and it didn’t happen. Still willing to give him a season though.

Walcott needs a few games on the bench now. I can see why my Arsenal mates got frustrated with him. Talented no doubt, but God is he frustrating. If I see one more ball bounce off his shin for a throw, i’ll be on the whisky early New Year’s Day. DCL to come back in I think and Siggy, despite not playing great himself, has a goal in him and hasn’t had a challenger to his place, so he’ll be back. Pickford, who looked solid again and made a world-class save, back in the sticks.

So there we go, 2019 almost here. Personally 2018 was an absolute horse’s arse for me, not that i’ll bore you with that, but if you too haven’t had the best of year’s, then I wish you all the very best and hope that we all have a superb one going forward.

Everton will be honouring all those we have lost in 2018 on the big screen as they have done for the last few years. Much love to you if you’ve lost a close one. On New’s Eve, raise a glass to all those and enjoy a glass or two yourself. Of course, Leicester themselves have endured tragedy this year, we raise a glass to you too.

Again, on behalf of all the lads at EAW, we wish you a very Happy New Year. We’ve seen off Allardyce and we have Andre Gomes now, things are definitely on the up. Bring on another 12 months of this madness please.

Even the impossible, is easy, if we’ve got each other.

Up the Toffees.

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