Everton v Lincoln City Preview

Heartbreaks and promises, I’ve had more than my share. I’m tired of giving my love, and getting no where.

The Christmas festival of football is over, many of you back at work and Everton back to ruining your life again. We thought we’d left this behind in 2018 but our old mate James Vardy popped up to score his one billionth goal against us. A modern day Paul Scharner or Les Ferdinand if ever there was one.

Watching us against Leicester was the carbon copy of watching us against Brighton. Unimaginative, frustrating and looking very much like a team that has started from scratch and trying to build for the future. Still, you expect better and the last two performances are not the standard required.

Looked leggy the Blues and whilst I’m not one for covering up and making excuses, you could see we were goosed. Doesn’t help playing at 12.30 on New Years when let’s face it, no one was arsed.

Maybe that’s the trouble. Have they broken us down that much that we as fans are just struggling too? Saw a few tweets again about how to make the atmosphere better. Let me state for the record, well in anyone who gives this a go and I’m all for anything coming from the stands and transferring to the pitch to help.

For what it’s worth, i’ve always said about Evertonians, when it needs to be, we make Goodison a horrible environment and we do create an atmosphere. Not nearly enough, I agree, but can you blame people if we’re not creating a mosh pit for an lunchtime kickoff against Fulham or something?

Take Fiorentina at home or any home game from Martinez first season. People forget, the place was bouncing every week. When Everton do well, Goodison does well. And yes, it’s a two way thing, we need to create and help them out to, but it helps watching a team you have pride in.

The best i’ve felt going to a game recently, was this time last year, taking 8,000 to Shelbyville. The walk up from Goodison, in and around the terraced streets, blue smoke bombs, the lids singing. It felt like all 8,000 of us had finished our last pint at The Brick. We were moody, angry, aggressive, together.

That’s what’s been lost at Goodison recently for me. Yeh, we know we’re shite, but it feels like there’s an acceptance with that, rather than an anger about it. We all know how a bear-pit Goodison can change games (Neville’s tackle on Ronaldo etc) but we haven’t had that for ages. Maybe that’s the reason part of the atmosphere has left?

It’s just an opinion like, probably a wrong one. I’m just a fella who enjoys writing previews and maybe I’ve made a shit point there, but what have we had to shout about? Four or 5 good seasons in the last 25? Maybe the constant disappointments have done just that, broken us a bit.

Anyway, enough of me trying to do a Phd in football fandom – FA Cup Third Round time as the Bullens Road Bushwackers take on the Lincolnshire Red Imps.

First off, well in Lincoln. I’m not normally an attendance nonce, but well in for bringing over 5k to our place. You could forgive them for bringing only half that – we’re not a glamour away day compared to United or someone and it’s just after Christmas. Really well done for a League 2 side. All the best for the rest of the season.

They had a great run a few years ago, reaching the quarters and beating Burnley. They were still a non-league side then too, so they’ve got previous for an upset in this competition. Their manager is Danny Cowley, who is thought of very highly in the lower reaches of English Football. Came across very well during the aforementioned cup run swell,  so he’ll have them drilled. They’re flying, top of League 2 and one defeat in 11. Don’t you dare Everton.

Here’s some of their players who you and I will have no idea about;

Matt Rhead – An absolute brick of a forward. Questionable hairline that makes Jan Molby look thin.

Lee Frecklington – That your name mate yeh? Grow up. You’re not the star of an Enid Blyton novel.

The rest – They probably all went to Skegness for their Christmas piss-up, there you go, there’s all the information you need

I can’t be arsed looking up anymore, as I literally know nothing about them.

To the Toffees we go.

Bench Theo Walcott

We’re not going to get relegated, we’re not getting higher than top 7, if that. Play your strongest team Marco and get us a cup run. Saying that, I do think he should and will make changes.

Should be a mix of mostly first teamers with a few fringe players. Give Digne a rest, he’s played everywhere over Christmas and bring in Leighton, who we all miss.

Put Walcott as sub.

Mina back in to deal with the lump up top for them and who knows what he else he does. I’d like to see Zouma there. If he’s got no future at Chelsea, i’d love us to be all over that, I think he’s a fantastic defender who will only get better. Gomes and Gueye, I would personally rest, that will allow others such as Schneiderlin to get some valuable game/shop window time.

Leave Theo out.

Whispers are that Tosun starts this. Can’t fault the lads professionalism, and he did look half decent last year, but he’s not a Silva type player and he’s just not suited to this league. Don’t think there’s a future for him, but with Champions League experience, he should have enough in him to help us to victory over these. Wish him all the best whatever happens.

So there we have it. Be lovely to have a real go at this. Be lovely to have a boss day out at Wembley with your mates again. Might not be this year, but let’s get through this one and see what happens. We’re on the march with Silva’s army.

Up the Toffees

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  • Chris  04/01/2019 at 18:19

    Good read, agree with benching Walcott not been good for us.


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