Millwall v Everton Preview

I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose, fire away, fire away. Ricochet, you take your aim, fire away, fire away, you shoot me down, but I won’t fall, I am titanium.

You need a soul made of titanium to not let those bastards in Blue get to you. The latest instalment of all things Everton this week has come in many forms, starting off with an inept performance at Southampton. A carbon-copy of every fixture we’ve had down there for the last 8 games; we turn up, we don’t perform, we make a shite team look good, we lose. I hate going there. Oh Everton, of course it was only their second home win of the season.

It really hit home the task in hand that this management set-up has on it’s hands. We are in complete overhaul mode. To have such stability under Moyes followed by the last few years of chop and change have left us with an unreal mismatch of a team. A look at that article in the Echo stating the players who are not even threatening the first team, but how much we are spending on them in wages is enough for anyone to see that it’s now the time for a complete reshape. Banging the drum on this again, but it is going to take time.

It feels like the point now were we are breaking away – the team feels like it is a combination of the last four managers put together. The dying embers of a Moyes team remains, some of the Martinez lot are still there and frankly, we are getting over the utter mess Koeman left and Allardyce had to clean up with. Far from me to use these previews as a way to blame previous management for how atrocious last week was. Silva and the current squad need to sort their shit out fast and cut out the utter shite performances quickly. But it is a mashup of mess that is going to take time to clear. Sandro on £120k a week though, fucking Steve Walsh.

That’s enough of that, the less I have to think about Southampton and their shit city, club and fans the better (anyone who went, told you they would sing every version possible of Sloop John B). It’s 4th Round FA Cup day lads, and guess what? We’re only on the bloody telly. Anyone would think the Beeb picked it in the hope of a cup-shock – never, not with this Everton.

To deepest darkest south London we go, where the Bullens Road Beasts (sorry, I’m running out of these) take on the Bermondsey Bike Sniffers in the Tim Cahill Derby. Have you watched Football Factory or Green Street in preparation? No of course you haven’t, because you’re not a bad nobhead Da who’s on his 3rd divorce. Can’t go through a preview on Millwall and not mention their reputation, which is unfortunate, but they’ve kind of brought it on themselves.

I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. I’ve met a few Millwall fans down the years and each of of them has been more sound than the last. They all speak of trying and wanting to move away from being that club. Thing is though, for whatever reason, put them together in big groups and they seem to thrive on that reputation. A bit like when you meet a Geordie by himself; dead sound, buys you a pint and wishes you well, but put them all together en mass and they go topless and start singing “shoes off, if you love the Toon”.

They’re a bit too “I’d rather England win the World Cup, than us get promoted” Millwall as well. Probably would of seen videos of Russ with his ‘MFC – The Lions” tattoo singing ten German Bombers in a European city square lashed up on Twitter last summer. They’ll be well up for this too, those bloody scowzars are in tawn, proper nawty. Get in, win the game, get out Everton.

Here’s some of Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men who will feature at the Den;

Steve Morison – Captain. A bit of a hero down there, his goal in the Play-Off Final got them back in the Championship. Expect aggression.

Shaun Hutchinson – Arl arse centre half who will look like Beckenbaur if Richarlison can’t be arsed.

Mahlon Romeo – That your name mate yeh? Grow up. You’re not in So Solid Crew.

As with Lincoln, I know next to nothing about these, so let’s just leave as they’re all lads who love their Mums and will want to cause an FA Cup upset against us.

Onto Everton. The side on paper last week was probably our best XI, but it badly underperformed, so what do you do if you’re Silva?

Feels like a game for DCL to start this. For all we argue over whether he’s good enough or not, he definitely will mix it up against these. For a young lad, he’s aggressive and excellent in the air. No clue who he plays with though if he starts, as I imagine Silva’s biggest frustration is getting a front 3 that can score an actual goal or too and look constantly threatening.

What the fuck is up with Gomes? Is he injured? He was abysmal last week. Like Claus Thomson abysmal. Obviously, he is a wonderful footballer but he needs to sort himself out – we badly need him on form.

Quick word on Siggy. Yes he was poor, yes he hasn’t been great, but do you know what? Another goal against last week. I don’t mind someone putting themselves in there, and he does that. He’s our assists leader as well isn’t he? Feel we’ve got to stick with him, he makes things happen.

Maybe a game for Mina to come back in here to because again, even though I like the look of it, that back four looked shaky. More a problem of what’s going on in front of them, rather than their own fault – Christ, he may go back to the dreaded back 3.

Win this Everton. The 5th Round is where things start heating up and you can start dreaming. Get us in the hat for a nice little home draw for it please.

Up the Toffees.

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