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    Where will Everton finish this season?

    6th. Hopefully luck will go our way and that will be enough for Europe! (But we'll win the cup anyway so its irrelevant)
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    First Everton Game.

    You had an equally as thrilling start as me to being an Evertonian then ha!
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    Our next 5 games

    Id take: Hull (H) - 3 Villa (A) - 1 Spurs (H) - 1 Palace (A) - 3 The Shite (H) - 1 So in total 9 but I dont see a reason why we cant win all them games, but everton isn't it!
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    First Everton Game.

    I was gutted that I never got the chance to do an away at Highbury, by the time my Uncle started to take me to aways they had just moved to the Emirates, shame because there's not many grounds like ours left anymore that have that proper away day feel!
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    First Everton Game.

    Tbh mate the only real reason I remember my first game was how awful it was, I think Steve Watson actually played as a makeshift striker that day!
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    First Everton Game.

    Whats everyone's memories of their first game? Home or away? My first home game was in 2000 when I was 5, we played Tottenham at home and drew 0-0. My second game wasn't much better we drew with Chelsea 0-0 the only memory I have was a Zola free kick hitting the bar! After my first two games...
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    Most Memorable Goal?

    Lee Carsley vs The Shite. My 1st ever Derby and our first win over them at Goodison in 9 years, absolute scenes! Also not technically a goal but the Jagielka penalty at Wembley was a boss moment!
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    "What's ya best away la?"

    Wrecked me head for ages this couldn't decide between 1. Sunderland Away in the cup 2. Swansea away when we fucked them 3-0 3. West Ham this year