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    Derby Day

    agree with u miralles needs a great game so does Barkley and big rom i personaly expect Liverpool to let Everton to have the ball and try and break them down. Which Everton are poor at and them to kill us on the counter
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    luke Garbutt

    it was FA Cup First Round football at the Weston Homes Community Stadium today and Colchester United's opponents were Nigel Clough's Sheffield United. Clough of course recently replacing the sacked David Weir as manager. Roberto Martinez had given permission for Luke Garbutt to play in this FA...
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    Derby Day

    you say Liverpool look good but im not keen on them i think there over rated sturidge is scoring goals but he misses more than he takes Suarez is a top player but hes a complete knob he isn't world class because he's got no class a racist diving biting knob head coutiniho cant see him doing his...
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    goodison park on fifa

    any one noticed the in moyes we trust sign on the gwladys street
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    how did springthorpe play any good
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    think his days as an Everton player are numbered
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    James McCarthy - First Impressions

    agree with u there
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    What do Everton mean to you?

    once Everton has touched you nothing will ever be the same big dunc ups downs
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    doesn't he want to stay in the north west so he could join tbh
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    Once Everton Has Touched You Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

    Once Everton Has Touched You Nothing Will Ever Be The Same
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    Stand-up Comedy

    i like Jason manford lee Evans peter kay micky Flanagan hugh denis
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    Favourite Bands?

    sterophonics are quite good mostly like EDM
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    First impressions of our forum?

    the mobile version is the best ive used