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    Match Aston Villa v Everton | 26.10.13

    Honestly can only see us getting a point from this if we play like we did against Hull, need a big performance and everyone to gel for 3 points. Heart 2-1 blues, Head 2-2
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    World Cup 2014 winner?

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    Match Day Pub

    The Spellow, have been frequenting the Oak more regularly recently but its always chocka
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    Arouna kone

    I'm not someone to get on new players backs this quickly, he has wasted some absolute golden chances since arriving and there are no real excuses for that.....but I would give him time!
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    "What's ya best away la?"

    I remember the Blackburn one lad, 0-0 andy johnson had a goal disallowed late on when he was about 8 yards first ever away that
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    What do Everton mean to you?

    Family, passion, Massive highs, Soul Destroying lows, enjoyment, despair, love, hate
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    Match Everton v Hull City | 19.10.13

    Howard Coleman Distin Jags Baines Barry McCarthy Mirallas Deulofeu Barkley Lukaku Can see us either smashing them 4-0 or doing an Everton and going 1 or 2 up then sitting back and conceding a sloppy goal
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    Most memorable game??

    City away 09/10....Cahill and Arteta! Boss atmosphere and absolute madness when Arteta scored, there was people just falling everywhere