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    Which player would you have loved to have seen in an Everton shirt? (Realistically)

    The thought of having Riquelme alongside an inform Mikel Arteta is something dreams are made of.
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    Which player would you have loved to have seen in an Everton shirt? (Realistically)

    I know he's used as the brunt of all our transfer jokes, but Juan Roman Riquelme in a Blue shirt could have been something special.
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    Our next 5 games

    Should be looking at 11 at least.
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    Most Memorable Goal?

    Ibrahima Bakayoko vs Southampton in 98. 1-0 win at Goodison Park and my first game in the Gwladys. Was about 6 at the time.
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    Match Everton v Hull City | 19.10.13

    Howard Stones - Jags - Distin Coleman - Barry - McCarthy - Baines Barkley Mirallas - Lukaku. Go a 3-4-1-2 and dominate the game. In the past few weeks when Mirallas was moved up front, he's been more effective than being on the wing and that might just stop Lukaku from going stale after 65...
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    Antolin Alcaraz

    Various Wigan fans seem to think if' he'd have been fit throughout the season, they may have not been relegated.
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    Antolin Alcaraz

    Where do you guys see Alcaraz fitting in once he's back from injury? It's widely known that Martinez rates him and trusts him to do a job. Plus with his comments this morning about expecting him to be involved, is he the missing link in RM's plans to go 3 at the back?
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    Now for the MIGHTY BLUES of EVERTON today!

    Martyn Coleman Jagielka Weir Baines Arteta Carsley Fellaini Pienaar Cahill Ferguson