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    Obviously we have Everton, but are there any foreign teams you follow?

    Juventus, a few years ago when they finished 7th. Del Piero, Krasic and Quagliarella were boss back then
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    Favourite Bands?

    That solo is indeed class!
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    Favourite Bands?

    Only heard Another Brick In The Wall and Welcome To The Machine by them, quality tracks
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    Favourite Bands?

    had a few listens and they're pretty good. Gone Soverign/Absolute Zero is a tidy song. Forgot to give Breaking Benjamin a mention, some of their songs were class
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    Favourite Bands?

    Don't personally rate A7X bar Afterlife. Not heard of Stone Sour to be fair!
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    James McCarthy - First Impressions

    Love him so far. Price tag was always going to be a concern but I thought to myself 'he could be worth double in a few years time'. At this rate, he will be!
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    Favourite Bands?

    Bands like them, Three Days Grace, Skillet etc. were dead boss to listen to a few years ago!
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    Favourite Bands?

    Queen, Rise Against and Bullet For My Valentine for me. Metalhead me
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    Javier Hernandez

    absolute limbs if that happened! I'd rather have a good goalscorer than someone who can hold up play and end up fucking it
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    Javier Hernandez

    I can see where you're coming from but I'm not sure if (realistically) we can get a great striker who can hold up and be a good goalscorer.
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    Javier Hernandez

    Good goal scorer but that's about it? That's what a striker needs to be, no? I don't know any other decent and realistic options other than this one
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    Go back in for Fernando?

    Just going to throw this name in. Defour anyone? Not seen much of him but he seems to have a good pass on him for that assist for Lukaku's first goal for Belgium against Croatia
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    He can play LB too if I'm correct. Possible interchange between Baines and Guardardo?
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    Arouna Kone

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    Then end up getting Quagliarella on a cheap