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    The Spare Ticket Thread

    Need 1 spare for United on Wednesday if anyone can help out? Give us a shout on here or on Twitter. Cheers.
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    Javier Hernandez

    I don't see Hernandez as a realistic target unfortunately. If he does leave United, there'll be a long, long queue of clubs after him and plenty offering CL football for starters.
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    First impressions of our forum?

    The bollocks. Naturally.
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    Agree with all of that. The most embarrassing song I've ever heard at the match was the 'mauled by the tigers' from this shower of shite tomorrow. Shake it up Bainesy sounded class in the Gwladys Street against Newcastle. I think it's more the fact getting to sing about him, the little beauty.
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    "What's ya best away la?"

    Horrible day that. Absolutely freezing and that decision costing us 3 points as well. I remember Manuel Fernandes hitting the post with a free-kick that day. God, I miss him.
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    "What's ya best away la?"

    Some class ones already, but a seen as though West Ham has inevitably come up... It was the week after Nürnberg (I think) which was unbelievable, but this was even better I thought. We were absolutely shite for about 85 minutes that day - we hadn't had a sniff and Jack Collison had put them...
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    The Spare Ticket Thread

    I'm desperately after 2 as well, get in touch on Twitter - @KingsofGoodison if this lad gets sorted. Cheers.
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    Shall we smash Hull then?

    Someone is definitely due a good hiding off us.
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    Ross Barkley

    The thought of Barkley and Rooney together going forward is frightening. If Hodgson could accommodate them both, I genuinely believe he could have teams in all sorts of trouble. He won't though. He'll pick that little fart Jack Wilshere or an idiot like Ravel Morrison before Barkley gets a...
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    No more Nike?

    Anyone else heard the rumour that the Nike deal will be cut short, and this will be our last season with them? I saw someone mention Adidas on Twitter tonight? I'd love that, myself. Can't say I've been impressed by Nike - the home shirts in particular have been horrors.
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    Arouna Kone

    I think his mobility, if nothing else, gives him the edge over Jelavić who looks like he's forgotten how to play football at times in the past 12 months. I can see Koné getting us a few goals this season, but luckily we've got Lukaku on fire for now. I certainly wouldn't be against bringing...