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    World Cup 2014 winner?

    Spain with Belgium as a roughie.
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    GTA V & Online

    I can't wait to try Online out... Will be mad to kill everyone.
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    First impressions of our forum?

    Can't stand the alerts part.
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    Most Memorable Goal?

    Beckford's 80 metre run to score... Who was that against again?
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    Most Memorable Goal?

    Jelavic goal vs Spurs. Fellani vs United. Peanuts vs United Gosling vs Shite
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    Everton Video

    Seriously the best video in the internet. Watch it every week when I'm feeling down.
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    Our next 5 games

    We should win 3 of those games, and hopefully we can get 2-3 points from the Spurs and Shite matches...
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    James McCarthy - First Impressions

    Looks pretty solid, and has looked better each match he has played. High hopes for him.
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    First Everton Game.

    Traveling from Australia next year, and going to a game in September. Hopefully it's at Goodison!
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    Everton Red Bulls??????

    I'd be happy taking their money, but not to change the face of the club.
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    Lukaku or Baines?

    I would much prefer to keep Baines, then Lukaku. If we were to sell Baines, and buy Lukaku we won't see much extra cash to buy another LB.
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    Don't care how many he gets. As long as we win all our games he can score none for all I care ;)
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    Didn't he play the majority of the games last season, after being purchased?
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    Arouna Kone

    I would like to see him get about half an hour. As you said, can't drop Lukaku at the moment.
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    Shall we smash Hull then?

    To be honest, I'm going to be happy with a win, regardless of the final score. Each win is important, and we've been burned previously hoping that we destroy teams.