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    Old Trafford

    College trip to Old Trafford tomorrow, any words for anyone if I happen to see them? Unlikely as it maybe
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    Champions League

    Who's gonna win it then?
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    Sir Alex Slips Up

    We all knew this already, everyone at the club probably knew this already, maybe they knew there was nothing they could do without concrete proof? Maybe now they will, who knows? who cares? Moyes is history, Other than laughing at the situation he and his club are in, its all about Martinez for me.
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    Distin an Jags

    John Stones is right footed and a right sided defender, therefore you suggest we drop our captain because a younger deserves a chance.
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    TV series

    Just watched my first episode of Game of Thrones and absolutely loved it, i'm hooked already
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    Away tickets?

    Can anyone explain to me how it works in obtaining tickets to Everton aways, my twitter is full of people looking for spares and the ones selling them always seem to have about 10, think it's a bit of a joke myself.
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    No pyro no party

    thats fucking mental
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    Match Everton v Hull City | 19.10.13

    Howard, Coleman, Jags, Milkman, Baines Barry McCarthy Barkley Mirallas Jelavic Lukaku Something a bit different think it could work
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    Which player would you have loved to have seen in an Everton shirt? (Realistically)

    To build on Riera, remember when we lost out on Rodallega too?
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    Which player would you have loved to have seen in an Everton shirt? (Realistically)

    Defoe, Negredo, Niang, Moutinho ( is he worth more than 27.5m now?) I wanted Barry along time ago, Remember when we all wanted Riera! haha
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    What do Everton mean to you?

    Sum up what Everton mean to you in no more than 15 words. Go.:D
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    What Stand You Sit In Eh...EH

    Well he's got his kids singing "kenny dalglish is a homosexual" and they're about 6 haha
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    What Stand You Sit In Eh...EH

    Upper G, boss view, atmosphere on/off, apart from old man in the back who sings all game with his two toddlers
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    First impressions of our forum?

    The forums have now made it into my Google Chrome bookmarks, an honor that only Twitter and Pornhub have achieved. Good work lads.
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    fair does hahah