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    Distin an Jags

    Don't think we have anyone better at the club to replace them at the moment, whilst I don't think focus in transfer market will be on centre half until we can ship Heitinga off and bring in a permanent centre midfielder
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    Distin an Jags

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    Match Aston Villa v Everton | 26.10.13

    Thought we looked over confident against Hull first half, but after HT Roberto looked like he got a hold of a few of them to get their shit together. Don't think we will be that soft against Villa - if we can keep Benteke quiet, think it will be quite comfortable for us, I'd say 2-0 with...
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    Auto log out issue on mobiles

    Yeah it did, seems to have sorted itself now though! God knows what I was doing! Cheers for replying though mate
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    Auto log out issue on mobiles

    Works great on my iPhone, but doesn't like it on my iPad even though I check "keep me logged in"? Anyone else having this issue?! Or just me being a helmet?!
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    Loving the new forum!

    Loving the new forum!
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    Stand-up Comedy

    he plays on the fact that he's from Canada, and how different it is over here - bit like Rhod Gilbert in that he loses his rag pretty easily. He did a spot on Live at the Apollo a little while back if you can find it!
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    Most memorable game??

    Going to Portugal to watch us get whacked 5-0 by Benfica in the Europa League will probably stay with me forever. Awful result, but one of the best weekends of my life taking over Rossio Square before and after the match.
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    Stand-up Comedy

    Tom Stade is ridiculously good. Wish he would come to Liverpool haha!
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    WWE Fandango

    Can anyone tell me how WWE's Fandango became a blue?! I've heard it came from a prank call to Pete Price but I can't connect the dots! Thanks! Haha!
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    Most Memorable Goal Against Us...

    Still haven't forgiven Yobo for that square pass in our box against United.