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  1. Sharples

    Old Trafford

    College trip to Old Trafford tomorrow, any words for anyone if I happen to see them? Unlikely as it maybe
  2. Sharples

    Champions League

    Who's gonna win it then?
  3. Sharples

    Away tickets?

    Can anyone explain to me how it works in obtaining tickets to Everton aways, my twitter is full of people looking for spares and the ones selling them always seem to have about 10, think it's a bit of a joke myself.
  4. Sharples

    What do Everton mean to you?

    Sum up what Everton mean to you in no more than 15 words. Go.:D
  5. Sharples

    Fans at Liege

    So I see this photo making its way around Twitter an awful lot these days, I'd just like to say I was in Liege that night, me and my dad drove there when we lived in Holland without a ticket, expecting to get one at the ground, we ended up watching in an Irish pub full of about 400 blues at...
  6. Sharples

    Breaking Bad, GOT, TWD

    Right gonna be honest, I've never watched Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, but after 100 times of telling myself to do it, i'm finally getting round to it, so the question is which do I watch first, and have I missed any others off my list?
  7. Sharples


    Is right lad
  8. Sharples

    Who'd of thought that?

    So Arouna Kone's nickname is Bill HAHAHAHAHA:D
  9. Sharples

    The Unthinkable

    Have you ever gone for a piss at Goodison and missed a goal? Its happened to all of us or somebody we know, It's happened to me once, against the shite.
  10. Sharples

    Stand-up Comedy

    Who's your favorite comedians? I love Kevin Bridges and Rhod Gilbert. Did you just take a shite in my kettle?
  11. Sharples

    Watch your heads

    Watch your heads lads
  12. Sharples

    Hands up

    Be honest, Hands up if you've already forgotten about your Fantasy Football team, I know I have.
  13. Sharples

    "The Peoples Club"

    What do you think? Time to fuck it off? Seeing as it was given to us by Moyes? Or do you like it? Personally i'm not really arsed but see people arguing about it every now and then.
  14. Sharples

    Azerbaijani Wonderkid

    Anyone remember that wonder kid we got from Azerbaijani, he was like 17 and supposed to be the next big thing and i've not heard anything from him since, anyone have a fucking clue?
  15. Sharples

    Everton Video

    What are your favourite Everton Video's? I like anything by this guy He's been making Everton vids for years and he's pretty boss at it, would love to follow him on twitter if anyone knows the guy or speaks to him.
  16. Sharples


    It took me a while but if you stop thinking about losing Baines, Keeping Lukaku, extending Deulofeu and who we might get, you can start to look forward to this season even more and the boss players we've got, so chill out, it's boss, try it..
  17. Sharples

    Match Day Pub

    What's your match day pub?
  18. Sharples

    Ross Barkley

    We all know how boss he is, but if you were him would you rather be sat on the bench for England or proving yourself in the U21's side?
  19. Sharples

    Arouna Kone

    Reckon we should give Kone a chance against Hull? Probably the perfect type of game for us to see what he's really all about, then again you can't really drop Lukaku can you?