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  1. DavidMyers1878

    Distin an Jags

    Worst. Shout. Ever.
  2. DavidMyers1878

    Match Aston Villa v Everton | 26.10.13

    Cant wait for this one! Villa didn't look up to much against against Spurs but I think Benteke will be back in the starting 11 this weekend which obviously strenghens them a lot but weve got Lukaku so whos arsed, just hope Jags and Distin are up for it. 2-1 to us I reckon.. Baines and Lukaku...
  3. DavidMyers1878

    Clint Dempsey

    Heard a rumour of a 3 month loan.. I would take that myself, as you said it would add some depth and give us more options
  4. DavidMyers1878

    Clint Dempsey

    Ok, so today this story has come back up.. Would anyone take him in January?
  5. DavidMyers1878

    Arouna kone

    He probably needs a good run of games but hes not doing himself any favours by missing opportunities like that one against Hull, he needs to take his chances to impress when he comes off the bench because lets be honest he is never starting above Lukaku from what we have seen so far.
  6. DavidMyers1878


    Its mad how times change.. his confidence is shot to pieces and its only going to get worse being the third choice striker but fact of the matter is that when he has played he has been pretty much anonymous, he always seems to drift out to the wing to try and get the ball but thats not the type...
  7. DavidMyers1878

    Match Everton v Hull City | 19.10.13

    I hope so! We are well well well overdue one.. Dont think today will be the day though unfortunatley, Hull have had a decent start.. im going for 2-0
  8. DavidMyers1878

    What's on your slip?

    Going for 2-0 Lukaku I think
  9. DavidMyers1878

    Will a takeover ever happen or are we stuck with Blue Bill?

    Just a shame that he isn't Sheik Kenwright
  10. DavidMyers1878

    Saturday Football Coupon

    Not bad that mate, I havent had a look yet need to shake this hangover first haha:confused:
  11. DavidMyers1878

    Everton Video

    Wow! That video is special.. cant believe I have never seen it before
  12. DavidMyers1878

    Saturday Football Coupon

    Thank god italy aren't playing today thats all I can say, let me down on my 2 coupons over the international breaks
  13. DavidMyers1878

    Is this the best Everton pen you've seen?

    "The kid from Barnsley has outdone the master" Pretty much sums it up doesn't it haha
  14. DavidMyers1878

    What Stand You Sit In Eh...EH

    Sit in the Lower Gwladys now, have done for a few years.. used to sit in the Park End and I prefered it there to be honest and will probably move back there next season, right next to the away fans the atmosphere wasnt really as bad as people are making out
  15. DavidMyers1878

    Match Everton v Hull City | 19.10.13

    Howard Coleman Jags Distin Baines Mccarthy Barry Mirallas Barkley Deulofeu Lukaku I would love us to play that team but cant see it to be honest.. gunna go for a 2-0 win Barkley/Lukaku first goalscorer
  16. DavidMyers1878

    Most Memorable Goal Against Us...

    Lampard and Drogba both scoring belters in the same game and as mentioned before that Ashley Young goal for Villa that was sickening.
  17. DavidMyers1878

    Where will Everton finish this season?

    6th/7th.. we have made a decent start but it is going to be hard to keep up, especially with the spending power that the likes of Liverpool/Tottenham have got to strengthen in January
  18. DavidMyers1878

    Stand-up Comedy

    Yeah I cant really take to Jack Whitehall meself.. I went to see Michael Mcintyre in the echo arena a while ago I had never really liked him but me bird loves him so I took her, he was quite funny to be fair, not one of my favourites though.
  19. DavidMyers1878

    Match Everton v Hull City | 19.10.13

    I think its probably inevitable that he will be in the starting line up, he always seems to be.. im not one for getting on players backs but I think its time to look at other options, we have got better players now that contribute more to the game than Osman