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  1. GP__15

    First Everton Game.

    Home - Sheff United got 92. Brian Deane got two and we were shite haha. Away - Blackburn 98ish. Bakayoko went mental and I was on tele celebrating.
  2. GP__15

    Most Memorable Goal?

    Chelsea weren't it? I'll go for Marcus Bent away at Southampton 2-2 Just to see Redknapp's pasty face crumble. Early kick off and about 3500 blues
  3. GP__15

    No more Nike?

    Just go skins.
  4. GP__15

    TV series

    Breaking Bad was special. Absolutely loved Derek too. My favourite ever has been the first two seasons of Lost.
  5. GP__15

    Arouna Kone

  6. GP__15

    Now for the MIGHTY BLUES of EVERTON today!

    Neville Southall Seamus Coleman Leighton Baines Richard Gough Davey Weir Andrei Kanchelskis Steven Pienaar Tim Cahill Thomas Gravesen Wayne Rooney Duncan Ferguson I love our current full backs
  7. GP__15

    Only Bayern Munich

    More confidence in the squad, more attractive to potential signings, bigger transfer fees for departing players. God look at me being being positive. Time for a lie down haha
  8. GP__15

    Only Bayern Munich

    Had more players across Europe than Everton on this International break. Does that mean we are the second best team in Europe??? Nah seriously can you remember having this many international players? And regular starters too
  9. GP__15


    Just going to enjoy him while I can. It helps having someone like him so much. Can win you a game. Lets hope we avoid Chelsea in the FA Cup final haha
  10. GP__15


    Chances - Zero Sorry to be pessimistic but if Chelsea did decide to sell him, the queue would be like the Next sale on Boxing Day
  11. GP__15

    No more Nike?

    Le Coq Sportif???