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    Obviously we have Everton, but are there any foreign teams you follow?

    Since I'm moving to America at some point in the next year or two I've been following Portland Timbers(Where I'm moving when I do go).
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    Ross Barkley

    He won't get into the England squad with the likes of Gerrard, Lampard, Carrick and Wilshere still around, he won't get a chance... If I was him I'd go to the U21's.
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    Antonio Valencia

    Been hearing a lot about us being strongly linked with the guy. Would you take him at Goodison if we had the money for him?
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    Shall we smash Hull then?

    Hull is a game we should easily be winning but always seem to struggle... Hopefully we can bag a good 2 or 3-0 win.
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    I like the lad, shame he's like glass... So glad we got a hold of Barry, similar type of player in my eyes, also has a lot of experience which can help McCarthy grow.
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    Arouna Kone

    Reminds me a bit of Saha back in the days. I wouldn't mind seeing him have a chance since he hasn't been fit the times he has played for us... He looked hungry for goals last season for Wigan and actually looked pretty good... Can we risk not scoring against the likes of hull though? They're...