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  1. Gaz1878

    McGeady vs Swansea?

    Yeah got keep giving the lad games
  2. Gaz1878

    Leon Osman

    thats what i ment o_O
  3. Gaz1878

    Leon Osman

    by great servant i mean he's never been a prick or anything like that
  4. Gaz1878

    Leon Osman

    great servant for the club but i think his time has come
  5. Gaz1878


    a striker but surely that could wait till the summer a CM wouldnt go amiss with gibson being injured and osmans form dropping like a lead balloon
  6. Gaz1878

    Heres to hoping...

    Fucking hell lad as negative as they come you
  7. Gaz1878

    £20s plenty

    Would be boss if the majority of clubs did it but can't see it happening because of what's already been said on here most clubs won't want to lose the money and if they are changing the away prices the majority of home fans will then want the home prices dropping aswell
  8. Gaz1878

    No more Nike?

    Brilliant bussiness that :confused::confused:
  9. Gaz1878

    Everton Red Bulls??????

    Think everyone would agree with that tbh
  10. Gaz1878

    No more Nike?

    If the Nike deal is cut short does that mean we will fuck off kitbag aswell ?
  11. Gaz1878

    TV series

    Just started watching the walking dead can't get enough of it
  12. Gaz1878

    Everton Red Bulls??????

    The money would be nice if it was true but assed just being another franchise in there redbull monopoly