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    Stand-up Comedy

    Louis CK is the best around for me. I love Ricky Gervais but I'm not massive on his standup, his projects are much better.
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    Favourite Bands?

    Queens Of The Stone Age are my favourite band, probably. Love Foo Fighters, Frank Turner, Biffy Clyro, early Arctics are decent. Too much to list.
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    TV series

    I loved Prison Break but it got stale. The first season was a masterpiece, then it deteriorated. Season four was a bit of a shambles. I'm loved Breaking Bad and House, Band of Brothers was brilliant, liked early Dexter, The Walking Dead is alright sometimes. For comedy I loved The Office...
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    No more Nike?

    I dunno, I just feel they haven't aged very well. They looked dated when they were released. The Nike kits are a bit boring for my taste but they have a modern look to them.
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    Match Day Pub

    Orrys is usually my choice lately as well. Not too bad in there.
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    No more Nike?

    I think the Nike kits have mostly been better than the LCS kits. I never really liked them. Adidas is probably my favourite possibility.