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  1. JackEFCMcCann


    Had a few dodgy moments but made some solid saves
  2. JackEFCMcCann


    Just watched the U21s game. Joe Williams was my MOTM, very good performance for a 16 year old. Hope and Long looked like threats for most of the game and Grant, Browning and Kennedy looked quite good as well.
  3. JackEFCMcCann

    Tim Cahill

    Is there any player still playing who's more Everton than him?
  4. JackEFCMcCann

    What Stand You Sit In Eh...EH

    GT5. No pillars in the way and there's usually a decent atmosphere.
  5. JackEFCMcCann

    James McCarthy - First Impressions

    Not missing a player doesn't make him crap. We have a better team now because we have players who suit the system better. I rate Fellaini very highly but we don't miss him. Simple as that.
  6. JackEFCMcCann

    James McCarthy - First Impressions

    Fellaini is a very good player but McCarthy fits our system better.
  7. JackEFCMcCann


    The worst I can think of is Newcastle's Cabaye chant. Makes me cringe every time I hear it
  8. JackEFCMcCann


    Can't believe this. We're playing great football and scoring goals yet people still moan. The defence recently is a concern but all the goals have come from individual errors which should sort themselves out soon. Why can't we just enjoy watching Everton instead of looking for ways to undermine...
  9. JackEFCMcCann

    The Unthinkable

    I only stayed at the Wigan game because of the 3 hour trip home. Would've been off after about an hour if I lived in Liverpool
  10. JackEFCMcCann

    James McCarthy - First Impressions

    He's young enough and good enough that he could potentially be a key part of our midfield for the next 10 years.
  11. JackEFCMcCann

    First Everton Game.

    Chelsea at home and Birmingham away. Got beat in both and Rooney got sent off at Brum I think
  12. JackEFCMcCann

    Is this the best Everton pen you've seen?

    Some boss penalties that night. All overshadowed by that though, he's going to be class
  13. JackEFCMcCann

    James McCarthy - First Impressions

    He's been class. Simple as that. Suits our system perfectly. Couldn't believe some people were writing him off before we even signed him.
  14. JackEFCMcCann

    "What's ya best away la?"

    Sunderland in the cup and Newcastle last season. Fulham away a few years ago when we won 3-1 was boss as well, my first real away trip.
  15. JackEFCMcCann


    Vellios is crap though
  16. JackEFCMcCann


    George Green is meant to be very highly rated. Jonjoe Kenny is playing for the U21s at 16, which is probably more impressive considering he's a defender.
  17. JackEFCMcCann

    TV series

    I've not seen Breaking Bad yet but House is unreal
  18. JackEFCMcCann

    Now for the MIGHTY BLUES of EVERTON today!

    From what I've seen: Howard Coleman Jags Distin Baines Mirallas Fellaini Arteta Pienaar Cahill Saha (at his best)
  19. JackEFCMcCann

    No more Nike?

    Le Coq were class, gave us some fantastic kits that weren't just copied off a template
  20. JackEFCMcCann

    Only Bayern Munich

    It's positive because it shows how much depth we've got in the squad now, but you're always running the risk of getting injured like Gibson unfortunately showed