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Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by Dave Kelly, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. SL1878

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    At the end of the day, without the fans, we don't have a game. The greed has gone on for too long. The next generation are being priced out and put off from going to support their team. That isn't right. Players should take a hit on wages and more should be done to accomodate the working class. Too many people lining their own pockets for my liking.
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  2. paulij11

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    sounds like a good plan and i can see both sides of the argument...everton could do with making more money than giving away but the people could do with saving more than paying out....would be good to see it happen for a season and see what our finances have dropped by afterwards...
  3. A portion of the extra Sky TV money would easily cover the shortfall.
  4. paulij11

    paulij11 New Around Here

    so would dropping down a league and getting promoted but we wouldnt want that would we
  5. Stubbs67

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    The game on these shores needs revamped big style, people are slowly being driven away due to high ticket prices. For me we should be taking a leaf out of the bundesligas book. Tickets for buttons, game is about the fans, terraces & booze. I think last season I seen a stat that byern Munichs season books were just over £100 where as some arsenal fans could expect to pay that a game!
  6. EFC_Bri

    EFC_Bri New Around Here

    Its simple. The club dont need to do it ans cant afford and shouldnt have to take hit.
    We sell out every single away game.

    Newcastle, West Brom and Hulls away support is fuckin shite. They NEED to.

    Surprise surprise a Blue Union member suggests the idea.

    If you cant afford it, dont go. End of.
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  7. Brennan

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    Statistics show that 75% of 3/4 of the paying spectators happily do so when mummy and daddy are paying for their ticket and supporting said student through university. Any change in ticket price is therefore negligible .
  8. SL1878

    SL1878 New Around Here

    Its not just about Everton and ticket prices, though. This is the first stepping stone in revamping the game in England as a whole.
  9. EFC_Bri

    EFC_Bri New Around Here

    Unless something is madated, Everton wont, dont need and shouldnt have to. The club should not be criticised or moaned at for that.
  10. Portland_Toffee

    Portland_Toffee Portland Toffee

    I don't understand why a fan would not get behind this. I get why clubs would not but surely its in every supporters interest to battle for this?

    Also not going to shout HT down for his opinion, without a differing POV it would get boring :mad:
  11. SL1878

    SL1878 New Around Here

    I don't think anyone is moaning at the Club. I think fans should back this initiative, though. Can only be a good thing for the long term sustainability of the game in this country. I know people always bang on about Bundesliga, but it is the perfect example. Championship prices at some of the biggest Clubs in Europe. Don't understand why we have to be so greedy.
  12. EFC_Bri

    EFC_Bri New Around Here

    I agree but that has to come from the Premier League and FA and be mandated. The club shouldnt be expected just to do it voluntarily when a) they dont need to and b) puts us at a disadvantage versus other clubs who have chosen not to
  13. SL1878

    SL1878 New Around Here

    I think its a case of, the more that do it, the harder it becomes for other Clubs to resist.
  14. danefc1878

    danefc1878 Scouseblue

    Great idea but if only 4/5 clubs are gona get involed its pointless football fans are being robbed and something needs 2 b done because at the end of the day image.jpg
  15. HalewoodToffee

    HalewoodToffee Active Member

    Totally agree with this. Unless there is a significant decrease of fans across the league then why would any club reduce to £20 over a long period. Totally unrealistic to expect a business to do this
  16. Portland_Toffee

    Portland_Toffee Portland Toffee

    Love this - We love the Timbers in this part of the World, amazing fans as well

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