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Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by IAmVictus, Mar 21, 2014.

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    Right, lads. I've noticed quite a bit lately that when you watch him down the wing, when he gets into a crossing position, he fires one across the goal. I've seen many people mistake this for a shot, which some of them are, but there are a lot that are actually really good crosses.

    They fire in, at pace, in the area between keeper and defender where neither is sure which should go for it. I'll tell you who SHOULD go for it, our striker at the time. But they rarely seem to. We need to attack crosses more as it seems when they go in, when we do have someone in the box, they're on their heels and not attacking the ball. We never score that back post tap in because no one gambles on the back post.

    You can see Deulofeu getting frustrated at this because it is visible by his body language after no one even tries to attack the cross.

    He seems to catch the blame for this a lot but it seems to me that he is playing good balls, that if you trained with Barca even at a youth level, you'd expect somebody to be attacking. Low, fast and just need a touch to take them in.

    Just wondered if anyone else noticed this or the fact we don't seem to attack crosses enough, instead the players wait for the ball to come to them, which doesn't work too well.
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  2. Spot on. He loves sticking them on the near post. Any forwards but Everton's would be happy with most of them balls.

    Switching on in the final third needs to be our main priority in training now. We're very hesitant at times.
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    The strikers, or striker. The SINGLE person in the box most of the time tends to be stood behind a defender on the penalty spot. That's not a place to get goals. No one even attacks the headers either. I don't get it. I don't think Deulofeu does too, he is visibly frustrated that no one is even trying to finish his cross. Is it any wonder him, Mirallas and Barkley take on so many shots? everyone is afraid too and they probably get bored of passing it into a crowded penalty area for the attack to break down.
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    Would like to point out, the 2 goals from open play came from people attacking the ball at the goal mouth instead of waiting for it to come to them. Especially Lukaku's...

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