Match Everton v Hull City | 19.10.13

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by EvertonArentWe, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Pato1878

    Pato1878 New Around Here

    I'd go with that team meself! Be the type of game we'd cock up under he who can't be named but think with our new style under Martinez we'll run them ragged 3-0 lukaku 2 & Barkley
  2. Sharples

    Sharples WOOL Moderator

    Reckon Pienaar will be back?
  3. BlueHobbit

    BlueHobbit I like Everton.

    Martinez has said he doesn't believe Pienaar will be fit for this match. If you mean on the bench, maybe. But his full debut back into the squad is planned against Villa.
  4. On his arse osman

    On his arse osman New Around Here

    naismith got the man of the match and scored for scotland we need to get off his back and give this lad a chance it seems to me that some fans are really having a go at him everton 2 -1
  5. Charro

    Charro Member

    Naismith has been one of our best players this season.

    No really, he has.
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  6. HalewoodToffee

    HalewoodToffee Active Member

    Potentially tricky game against the Tiggers. They have been quite impressive this season and could cause us problems. Gibson is out for god knows how long and will be missed in the midfield while Barry can return after being forced to sit out the City game.
    Can see the team being

    Coleman Jag Distin Baines
    Naismith GingerMac Barry Mirallas

    Everton 1 Hull 1
  7. Hello_Newman

    Hello_Newman New Around Here

    Hopefully Mirallas turns up for this, apart from the second half at West Ham he's been poor.

    2-0 Lukaku and Barkley.
  8. JoeSharpaCash

    JoeSharpaCash New Around Here

    Frankly, I'm stunned at the lack of Leon Osman inclusions so far. He's probably our most technically gifted central midfielder (Barkley not included as he plays further forward).

    I'd like a 4-3-3 formation like the way we played against Newcastle.

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  9. Sharples

    Sharples WOOL Moderator

    Coleman, Jags, Milkman, Baines
    Barry McCarthy
    Mirallas Jelavic Lukaku

    Something a bit different think it could work
  10. CalDumbell

    CalDumbell New Around Here

    Distin Jags Baines
    Mirallas Deulofeu


    Can see us either smashing them 4-0 or doing an Everton and going 1 or 2 up then sitting back and conceding a sloppy goal
  11. Sopheverton

    Sopheverton New Around Here

    Morning match day is here but wanted to bring this up is anyone fearing Osman being in the lineup again today he has been awful and he is past it he should be on the bench
  12. I think its probably inevitable that he will be in the starting line up, he always seems to be.. im not one for getting on players backs but I think its time to look at other options, we have got better players now that contribute more to the game than Osman
  13. Howard

    Coleman Jags Distin Baines

    Mccarthy Barry

    Mirallas Barkley Deulofeu


    I would love us to play that team but cant see it to be honest.. gunna go for a 2-0 win Barkley/Lukaku first goalscorer
  14. Bailey Blue

    Bailey Blue Bailey Blue

    Think he will play Osman rather than Deulofeu but bring him on after 60 minutes with Jelavic. 3-1 for me
  15. JackDavies1878

    JackDavies1878 New Around Here

    Sooner or later I think we're gonna beat someone about 6 or 7-0. Is today gonna be the day?
  16. I hope so! We are well well well overdue one.. Dont think today will be the day though unfortunatley, Hull have had a decent start.. im going for 2-0
  17. Charro

    Charro Member

    We've been saying that for about 6 years.
  18. MO'K

    MO'K Member

    Coleman - Jagielka- Distin- Baines
    McCarthy -Barry
    Osman- Barkley- Mirallas

    Thank me later.
  19. LEFTY1878

    LEFTY1878 New Around Here

    Afternoon lads, any streams for today's game?
  20. Stubbs67

    Stubbs67 New Around Here

    3 points, can't grumble that. What was up with lukaku? Off the boil a bit today?

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