Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by JoeyFarrell11, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. JoeyFarrell11

    JoeyFarrell11 Upper Gwladys optimist Moderator

    With the big man struggling with life at his new club, just wanted to see if blues fans think that with the new style of play under Martinez, and the personal that's came in, do you think that Fellaini would be a guaranteed starter if he was still at us?
  2. HalewoodToffee

    HalewoodToffee Active Member

    Yes he would walk straight back into the team. Most attacks went through him at some stage and he is better than McCarthy/Barry combined but its not happening
  3. JoeyFarrell11

    JoeyFarrell11 Upper Gwladys optimist Moderator

    But that was when he was playing as the second striker, I don't think he would play that role under Martinez
  4. HalewoodToffee

    HalewoodToffee Active Member

    Played in the def mid role for us and he did it well
  5. JoeyFarrell11

    JoeyFarrell11 Upper Gwladys optimist Moderator

    I remember that City game when he took the piss, it's an interesting one because has good as he was for us there were times I thought he went missing
  6. The Evertonian

    The Evertonian New Around Here

    He doesn't move the ball fast enough. Hi, Simon.
  7. Taffy toffee

    Taffy toffee New Around Here

    I was a massive felli fan but I just can't see him in our side, far to slow, Barry and McCarthy have been a breath of fresh air in the middle their movement and quick first time passes are a joy to watch compared to our football under moyes.
    Felli maybe a better player than them 2 but certain players fit certain sides and he doesn't fit ours anymore

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