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  1. IAmVictus

    IAmVictus Member

    Right. I want to know what you all think of Jelavic. Because personally I'm bored of hearing how "oh so and so shouldn't be coming on, where's Jelavic" "He's boss infront of goal" Well that's strange because I seem to remember him being piss poor all over the pitch last season.

    While you could put the finishing down to confidence, explain to me the lack of ability to win a ball in the air, pass, touch, have any sort of pace or the WORST offence... BEING CONSTANTLY OFFSIDE.

    Now I'm just saying, I'd rather give Kone at least half as many games as Jelavic got because going from last season Kone scored more than him and Anichebe put together iirc.

    When Jelavic is on the pitch I no longer think "oh we could get a few goals here" It's more "we're going to be offside with no out ball and might scrape one"

    But as I said, I want to know what everyone else thinks.
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  2. HalewoodToffee

    HalewoodToffee Active Member

    Jelavic should be ahead of Kone, Kone is fucking awful. Jelavic has just lost his confidence, that will come back with a couple of goals in him
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  3. IAmVictus

    IAmVictus Member

    Kone scored more goals than Jelavic and Anichebe put together last season I think, and that was at Wigan. Surely that puts him ahead at least a little?
  4. HalewoodToffee

    HalewoodToffee Active Member

    I would rather think of the confident Jelavic who arrived rather than the pale imitation we seen last season
  5. IAmVictus

    IAmVictus Member

    Perhaps. But his constant state of offside is a getting silly and it just isn't something he should be doing, pretty unforgivable. I don't like the fact he's not great at being the out ball, like the guy who holds it up so play can catch up if you get me? Perhaps would be better with Naismith or anyone really right behind him so he has a ball to play when it's played up to him.
  6. HalewoodToffee

    HalewoodToffee Active Member

    Think he would be great with Barkley behind him playing him in. Something that he very rarely got last season
  7. charlie butler

    charlie butler New Around Here

    Thats exactly what jelavic needs, someone like barkley to thread balls through to him instead of last season when its was just jags and distin launching balls up to him and fellaini. Hes just shit in the air but when he gets some confidence he can be good with his feet
  8. ANDYEFC95

    ANDYEFC95 OnceEvertonHasTouchedYouNothingWillEverBeTheSame

    think his days as an Everton player are numbered
  9. Portland_Toffee

    Portland_Toffee Portland Toffee

    Give him a go up there with Lukaku, Barkley sliding passes through, Lukaku running them ragged and Jela slotting them home.
  10. Its mad how times change.. his confidence is shot to pieces and its only going to get worse being the third choice striker but fact of the matter is that when he has played he has been pretty much anonymous, he always seems to drift out to the wing to try and get the ball but thats not the type of player he is.. he needs to just stay up front and do what he is/was good at.. finishing.
  11. Jelavic is just a goalscorer. Simple as that. Once he lost that he didn't offer much else. Running the channels isn't his game.

    Better service would help but his confidence has gone.
  12. Barkley20FanPage

    Barkley20FanPage Clueless

    He looked decent pre season didn't he? I can't believe he'd have missed that Kone chance on Saturday too. But Jela's movement is annoying, but Mirallas' service that Kone got on Saturday would be very good for Jela. Next time Lukaku comes off (while we're winning) I'd put Jela on.
  13. Charro

    Charro Member

    I'd have Naismith and Mirallas up front before Jelavic, he's just shite. Nothing to do with confidence, he's just a really poor player.
  14. The Street End

    The Street End Moderator

    No matter how and he gets, I'll never be able to dislike him.
  15. Royal Blue Jersey

    Royal Blue Jersey New Around Here

    Summed up my feelings too mate, I just love Jela and really really want him, somehow, against all odds to come back stronger than ever and start scoring for us. I don't think it will happen, sadly... I think this is the end. He's not getting any minutes and the FA Cup is awhile away. Injuries will need to happen to save him.
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  16. Sopheverton

    Sopheverton New Around Here

    I think jelavics days as an everton player are over i reckon he will go in jan
  17. jack cook

    jack cook New Around Here

    I think moyes ruined jelavic. He's not a winger and shouldn't be expected to win a jagielka hoof and turn it into a goal. His talents are limited but what he does best is convert good service into goals. Would like to see him given another chance this season before he is completely written off.
  18. Charro

    Charro Member

    But Moyes also got the best out of him.
  19. The Street End

    The Street End Moderator

    Don't agree there lad, when he first came Moyes didn't have the time to mould him into the forward he wanted. After he'd had a full summer with him and a proper pre preseason, he went shite.
  20. Charro

    Charro Member

    But he never, he started the season well scoring some great goals. Then he went on a blip and hasn't go out of it, the lad was missing open goals, can blame that on Moyes.

    If Moyes ruined him surely Martinez could of got him back to his best? If anything he's worse under Martinez.

    I think we're seeing the real Jelavic now, unfortunately. I'd have Mirallas and even Naismith up front before him now.

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