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  1. With Phil Jagielka still a doubt ahead of tomorrow's clash with Swansea, we could see more of this lad. I think he's looking to be worth every bit of that £3m we paid. Definitely a future centre half, no question.

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    I think its come as a surprise to everyone how quickly he's stepped up, he's perfect for the way Martinez wants his centre halfs to play. Still young and learning, and like Barkley he's going to make mistakes so we will need to be patience with him but been more than impressed.
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  3. IAmVictus

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    I wonder if even Stones is surprised at how he's changed to a CB. Was tipped as a future star English RB no? Now he's in the centre. Looks a lot better there too, he's not build for today's full back play. He's tall and broad. RB/LB now days is less about being a big defender and more about being a quick little fucker who helps the attack. He's definitely not an attacker and doesn't look comfortable when trying to, not his fault by the way.

    I think he's got a big future is nothing horrible goes wrong but, that's a big ask isn't it? So many young talents ruined by injury or lifestyle choices. He doesn't seem the type for the latter though.

    Like James Vaughan. Looked so promising, multiple serious injuries later gets shipped out. Doing well at Huddersfield though, still like the lad.
  4. I've never seen him dazzle me at right back. Different story at centre half.

    With you saying he's not an attacker, as far as centre backs go I think he will be.

    Pushes right up, gets involved, can see passes that most central defenders can't see.
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    I meant as in a winger like. As long as he's not a Hoofinga.
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  6. Ha. Heitinga wasn't that bad at playing it out. He went for the spectacular too many times but at least he could pull it off.

    Jags/ Distin rarely do.
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    Distin takes the blame for everything at the back when it comes to playing it out and I've sussed why. Because the ball goes from Howard, to Jags... if there is no out ball and we're getting closed down, they pass it to Distin. By this time Baines has run off up the pitch, and he's being closed down by 2 players and is forced to find a difficult pass or play it back to Howard. He's always the last person to get it in defence, ergo, is more likely a mistake will come from there.

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