KOKA Noodles

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by EvertonArentWe, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. The Scouser's noodle. Name me better noodles and you've won the World Cup.
  2. Charlie Willbourn

    Charlie Willbourn New Around Here

    i wish i could, but i can't.
  3. EFC David

    EFC David New Around Here

    Pot noodle, preferably Bombay Bad Boy. Where's my world cup?
  4. AJFBrown

    AJFBrown Jan Mucha

    This is possibly my favourite thread.
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  5. Azz

    Azz Member

    Never had them.

    Sainsbury's noodles in the yellow packet are boss though.
  6. There is no better noodle on this planet.
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  7. danefc1878

    danefc1878 Scouseblue

    Koka noodles are the 1 cant beat the curry flavour image.jpg

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