Lukaku or Baines?

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by The Blue Crusader, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. The Blue Crusader

    The Blue Crusader New Around Here

    So, most sports journalists would have us believe Baines is leaving us this January, with the fallen former Everton manager David Moyes rumoured to be still in the market despite his previous soundbites. If you subscribe to this, and no disrespect to anyone who does, after all its very plausible, given the performances Baines has displayed during England's most recent qualifiers. I'm not even sure what side of the fence I sit as yet. But here's the question. If Lukaku already had 10-12+ goals under his belt come January, Is Baines for Lukaku a good deal? And who is owed the excess? And would you take it?
  2. charlie butler

    charlie butler New Around Here

    Id take a straight swap and buy that luke shaw from southampton with the fellaini money
  3. Brad Yates

    Brad Yates New Around Here

    Chelsea won't swap Baines for Lukaku, it's pointless on their behalf if they have Ashley Cole. They have a massive goalscoring shortage up top, my bet is Lukaku will be a Chelsea player next season, Baines will be an Everton player after January and Leon Osman will still be shite.
  4. Sharples

    Sharples WOOL Moderator

    Your picture scares me Brad.
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  5. Brad Yates

    Brad Yates New Around Here

    The best picture of Barkley there will ever be.
  6. Luffy

    Luffy New Around Here

    I would much prefer to keep Baines, then Lukaku.

    If we were to sell Baines, and buy Lukaku we won't see much extra cash to buy another LB.
  7. Charlie Willbourn

    Charlie Willbourn New Around Here

    If i'm honest it would have to be Lukaku, i know Baines is irreplaceable but Lukaku looks like he's gonna become one of the top strikers in world football. Oviedo can step up anywa..... forget that.
  8. HalewoodToffee

    HalewoodToffee Active Member

    Lukaku sees us as a stepping stone. He has made it perfectly clear he doesnt want to be here on a permament basis
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  9. TechnoTerry

    TechnoTerry New Around Here

    Zero money left as Lukaku would cost more money than Baines would be sold for.
  10. TechnoTerry

    TechnoTerry New Around Here

    Oviedo is average, if you believe he can fill Baines void, your mad.
  11. Charlie Willbourn

    Charlie Willbourn New Around Here

    if you didn't let on, you can clearly see that i was joking.
  12. Azz

    Azz Member

    Yer wha?

    You don't believe Kenwright when he said we were always signing McCarthy do ya?
  13. On his arse osman

    On his arse osman New Around Here

    who would win between the dunc and lukaku in the boxing ring or would dunc remain unbeaten against any premire league player
  14. Azz

    Azz Member

    Overall, Lukaku. We'd get absolute brewsties for him further down the line.

    It'll be a shame when Baines goes but Lukaku has got the potential to be one of the best around.
  15. danefc1878

    danefc1878 Scouseblue

    Let the games begin

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