McGeady vs Swansea?

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by JoeyFarrell11, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. JoeyFarrell11

    JoeyFarrell11 Upper Gwladys optimist Moderator

    Simple one, would you start McGeady on the weekend? Has he impressed you so far?
  2. I'd start him purely for the balance. Mirallas & Deulofeu either side shouldn't be needed from the off as they are very similar.
  3. He changed the game against Cardiff, he is getting better with each game.

    I'd start him.
  4. Gaz1878

    Gaz1878 New Around Here

    Yeah got keep giving the lad games
  5. Michael Teiman

    Michael Teiman New Around Here

    Yes, he deserves a shot after his game changing performance last week. Also, with three games in a week, we will have to rotate the attacking players to keep them fresh. With more games and increased fitness and sharpness, I see him being a good player for us
  6. LeeBerrill

    LeeBerrill New Around Here

    Hes direct, attack minded and actually whips a cross in, hed be ahead of any of our wingers at the minute
  7. JoeyFarrell11

    JoeyFarrell11 Upper Gwladys optimist Moderator

    I'd rather start with him as an out and out winger, couldn't get my head round why Mirallas got pushed inside and Osman out wide when McGeady is on the bench, Mirallas is too much of an enigma for me can't work out what's up with him
  8. It sounds like a Moyes shout, but we really do need our wingers playing more for the team. We've had far too many wasted opportunities this season.
  9. IAmVictus

    IAmVictus Member

    Some bad wool next to me at the game last weekend had a massive moan when Martinez brought him on.

    "Typical Martinez that, killin 't game with these terrible subs. McGeady is CRAP, always losin us the ball 'n offers nothing"
    Shortly after he was instrumental in creating the chance that won us the game. I was close to head butting him I swear.

    I'd give McGeady a chance yeah, needs to play in the squad to fit in the squad, he's got experience and pace, can't go that wrong, surely?
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  10. Only way he is going to improve
  11. McGeady's Rig Out

    McGeady's Rig Out New Around Here

    He's got to start, Kev plays when he wants an Ged is only on loan. With Pienaar out he's got to play an drop Mirallas. Oh an fuck Osman off to the bench or Tranmere.
  12. bluejock

    bluejock New Around Here

    Yeah, why not like. He can't cross to save a small African child's life (topical sports relief reference, fuck off John Bishop) but he's got pace and can trouble their back line.

    Mirallas needs a rocket up his arse.
  13. I'd probably start Deulofeu over Mirallas, but I don't think he will.
  14. I'm not overly impressed with Deulofeu, I can see potential. We need to be starting our own players.

    Coleman Jags Distin Baines
    McCarthy Barry
    Mirallas Barkley McGeady

    Is what I'd go for
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  15. The Evertonian

    The Evertonian New Around Here

    Stones & Distin at the back again for me. I'd rather Jagielka be fully fit rather than 60%-70%. McGeady in for Mirallas as well.
  16. IAmVictus

    IAmVictus Member

    I think any of our wingers could do a job to be honest, the problem is attacking the crosses...But I guess I've been over that in my Deulofeu topic
  17. McGeady best player on pitch second half. Slow starter
  18. He didn't do too good tracking back at times but he can definitely make an impact going forward.
  19. JoeyFarrell11

    JoeyFarrell11 Upper Gwladys optimist Moderator

    Think he justified his start yesterday? Thought he did well going forward, got the skill and pace to roast most full backs around but needs to be aware of players around him when he doesn't have the ball, left Baines and Coleman exposed at times

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