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Discussion in 'Football Forum' started by Bill, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Bill

    Bill New Around Here

    So I get to most home games and just wondered if there was any sort of meet up organised at any point?

    I don't drink, well I do but not really, so it would be good to meet some people and talk Everton. My bird will be with me but she's quite open minded so won't mind.
  2. Brennan

    Brennan New Around Here

    I don't really enjoy debating with lesser learned humans to be honest. I happen to be an expert in all fields of topic and I have endless links of other peoples research to back me up, I could post this as a chart if you like ?
  3. Bill

    Bill New Around Here

    No thanks.
  4. Brennan

    Brennan New Around Here

    Well if you ever need an opinion just get in touch and I will give you mine.
  5. SteKelly

    SteKelly NSNO

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