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Discussion in 'Football Forum' started by Bill, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Bill

    Bill New Around Here

    Hi Guys,

    New round here so thought I'd introduce myself.

    I am a member of another forum where I post my Football Diary, I like to keep fans that can't make the game up to date as to what occurs on a match day. If you don't mind I'll also start posting here, not sure I was taken seriously on the other forum and this seems a bit more relaxed.

    I take my bird to most games so this provides some comedy moments as well that I think you'll all enjoy. Some of the stories from away games are outrageous and verging on unbelievable, so I look forward to sharing those to.

    Anyway nice to be here and look forward to posting.
  2. SteKelly

    SteKelly NSNO

    This isn't Mick from GOT is it?
  3. Bill

    Bill New Around Here

    I don't want any trouble please
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  4. Sound. Knock yaself out!
  5. Bill

    Bill New Around Here

    I'm that hard I probably could
  6. MickM

    MickM New Around Here

    I'm the one who does the football stories so whoever this "Bill" is impersonating me and taking the piss. Do me a favour, man up and tell me who you are because you're obviously from GOT.

    If you've got a problem with me, just say but you are trying to make me look like a c**t
  7. Hahaha. Fuckinel, stay on GOT lads.
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  8. Brennan

    Brennan New Around Here

    Will there be any graphs or numerous tedious links added to your football stories bill ?
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  9. Bill

    Bill New Around Here

    I have no idea who you are buddy, but you are doing a fairly good job of that yourself.
  10. Bill

    Bill New Around Here

    I'm sorry lid, didn't mean to cause any trouble for the site
  11. eymmot

    eymmot Member

    :confused::cool::confused:hi mick/bill/waltermitty x
  12. Brennan

    Brennan New Around Here

    Would you like me to post reams of utter tosh to prove my point that your point is mathematically impossible ?
  13. Chicosmar

    Chicosmar New Around Here

    Mick M you still owe me a fiver for that reach around
  14. eymmot

    eymmot Member

    oh please. I like a good graph backed up with meaningless stats and fachts.
    can you do pie charts?
  15. Bungle

    Bungle New Around Here

    I love away day stories, I heard a brilliant one the other week that included beak & a left bollock.
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