No more Nike?

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by Kings of Goodison, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. HalewoodToffee

    HalewoodToffee Active Member

    Warrior is owned in part by Liverpool's owners so definitely not. Pretty much liked every Nike kit we have had, but if the club is having problems with them then not that bothered if we change
  2. Gaz1878

    Gaz1878 New Around Here

    Brilliant bussiness that :confused::confused:
  3. Neil Daniels

    Neil Daniels New Around Here

  4. AndyCM81

    AndyCM81 New Around Here

    I think Nike's kits have been OK. I liked all of last seasons, and the away and third this season are spot on. The only one I don't like is this years home, and that's mainly because of the stupid rings on the sleeves and that fucking badge!

    Give me Nike over Warrior any day! Adidas would be a nice change though.
  5. AndyCM81

    AndyCM81 New Around Here

    How long have we been with Kitbag now? Is it 5 years?
  6. STEC1878

    STEC1878 @ste_corlett

    Heard that Myself, Wouldn't mind them.
  7. Paddy Irishman

    Paddy Irishman New Around Here

    No fucking way, I hated them
  8. Jackston

    Jackston New Around Here

    It 100% isnt warrior - they are affiliated with LFC owners more so than the club directly.

    We originally signed a 3 year deal with Nike. We were going to try and pull out of said deal as EFC were furious with Nikes treatment of the club.

    But were staying with Nike for the next season at least and if they actually perform for us, id imagine we will continue to work with them for a while longer.

    It was Moyes who wanted Nike bringing in as he seen LCS as minnows.
  9. Tom

    Tom New Around Here

    I think the Nike kits have mostly been better than the LCS kits. I never really liked them.

    Adidas is probably my favourite possibility.
  10. JackEFCMcCann

    JackEFCMcCann New Around Here

    Le Coq were class, gave us some fantastic kits that weren't just copied off a template
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  11. Tony

    Tony New Around Here

    I agree, Le Coq kits were great, I particularly like the 2009-10 home kit, but I also like last season's kits, this season's not so much
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  12. Tom

    Tom New Around Here

    I dunno, I just feel they haven't aged very well. They looked dated when they were released. The Nike kits are a bit boring for my taste but they have a modern look to them.
  13. AndyCM81

    AndyCM81 New Around Here

    Just guess work I assume? Warrior are trying to get into football in the UK, and whilst Fellaini was still here, he agreed a boot deal with them. Warrior are not only in the UK to make kits for Liverpool. Warrior is a realistic possibility, albeit one I'm not too keen on!
  14. HalewoodToffee

    HalewoodToffee Active Member

    They are owned in part by Fenway, be uproar if we sign with them
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  15. paulij11

    paulij11 New Around Here

    fuck it lads, il do it, il dig out me arl ladies machine and crack on
  16. Stubbs67

    Stubbs67 New Around Here

    Nike kits are terrible, but then again there is only so much you can do with a plain blue jersey! Bring back Le coq sportif
  17. EFC_Bri

    EFC_Bri New Around Here

    I've heard it's gonna be Hugo Boss and its condition of the contract that all 3 buttons are always fastened up to the neck...
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  18. ANDYEFC95

    ANDYEFC95 OnceEvertonHasTouchedYouNothingWillEverBeTheSame

    i wouldn't mind puma but le coq wouldn't be to bad again
  19. MainStander87

    MainStander87 New Around Here

    Biggest problem with the big brands is that they take the piss with the designs if you're not a major major club. Last season's home kit is being used as Athletico Bilbao's away strip for this year. If the Nike deal's still in place next year then there's a chance we'll end up with a spin off design from another club's kit. Unless you're Barcelona or someone like that Nike don't care about how much they have to market a club. Even City are struggling to get their deal with them off the ground commercially. They might be a big brand in footy but they couldn't give a shit about putting the legwork in cos they reckon their name takes them places and they're not wrong like

    I'd take Adidas or even having Puma back. Umbro have sold out too much for me to bring them back even with the club's history with them. Think Reebok got out of the kits game a while back. Le Coq's kits were really smart especially the ones with the old fashioned collars like the 3rd kit from a few years ago and their last home shirt. As for Warrior - FUCK THAT! Everton shirts should be as traditional as the club. Don't want them being sold out to include a pattern of Cherokee shit or whatever was on the other lot's away kit this year
  20. AndyCM81

    AndyCM81 New Around Here

    Umbro are part of Nike now anyway, so I guess that's not an option.

    I'm pretty sure Adidas bought out Reebok too, so that would rule them out.

    I'd be happy with Puma again.

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