Obviously we have Everton, but are there any foreign teams you follow?

Discussion in 'Football Forum' started by Max Carlyle, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Max Carlyle

    Max Carlyle Member

    I'm a huge fan of German football and Borussia Dortmund are pretty much my 2nd team, I will never love anything in life as much as I love Everton but it's fair to say I'm a Dortmund fan.
  2. Stubbs67

    Stubbs67 New Around Here

    Everton. & St. Pauli
  3. STEC1878

    STEC1878 @ste_corlett

    Everton and Barcelona. Went the Bilbao game a few years ago.
  4. IAmVictus

    IAmVictus Member

    I like Dortmund but I can't say I manage to follow them as in watch each game 'coz 1) clashes with ours 2) don't have sky so apart from when they play on BT sport I don't see them. However I do hate Munich and know enough about Dortmund to get by ha.
  5. IAmVictus

    IAmVictus Member

    on the topic of German football, hope you don't mind me putting this here.
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  6. Haha mad that!
  7. Stubbs67

    Stubbs67 New Around Here

  8. Max Carlyle

    Max Carlyle Member

    I've seen that, absutley crazy
  9. MikeParrysniffedmyseat

    MikeParrysniffedmyseat New Around Here

    I'll raise you this German football riff raff and go with Wrexham
  10. Sconnie Steve

    Sconnie Steve New Around Here

    Everton and Eintractht Frankfurt.
  11. KavanaghEFC

    KavanaghEFC New Around Here

    Everton are more my second team, and who I watch on the off season from October til March, but I support my local team Waterford United!
  12. Max Carlyle

    Max Carlyle Member

    Everton is a way of life. Not a 2nd team!
  13. KavanaghEFC

    KavanaghEFC New Around Here

    Too many Irish support English clubs and barely anyone supports LOI teams, rather be there then on the telly like
  14. Kie1878XO

    Kie1878XO Manc tit

    Juventus, a few years ago when they finished 7th. Del Piero, Krasic and Quagliarella were boss back then
  15. Phil

    Phil New Around Here

    Since I'm moving to America at some point in the next year or two I've been following Portland Timbers(Where I'm moving when I do go).
  16. Jorge Rodrigues

    Jorge Rodrigues New Around Here

    Everton and Portland Timbers!

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