Our next 5 games

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by EvertonArentWe, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Joe Roache

    Joe Roache New Around Here

    Haha, nice one
  2. HalewoodToffee

    HalewoodToffee Active Member

    6-8 i will go for
  3. Portland_Toffee

    Portland_Toffee Portland Toffee

    Haha that moment when you realize :oops:
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  4. Sharples

    Sharples WOOL Moderator

    Nah i'm gonna tweet him a screenshot once a week to remind him :D:cool:
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  5. Sopheverton

    Sopheverton New Around Here

    11 points I think we can get
  6. Luffy

    Luffy New Around Here

    We should win 3 of those games, and hopefully we can get 2-3 points from the Spurs and Shite matches...
  7. MO'K

    MO'K Member

    15 and I'm not joking, all them games are winnable if you think about it. Should defo beat Hull, Villa and Palace but looking at our home record its really impressive, especially against Spurs and the derby is winnable too.
  8. Mart Slinger

    Mart Slinger New Around Here

    Wins against Hull, Villa & Palace.
    Draws against Spurs and Liverpool.
  9. Dino

    Dino New Around Here

    Not going near the derby. From the first 4 I'd say 3 wins and a draw at Palace.
  10. Stubbs67

    Stubbs67 New Around Here

    Win all
  11. Portland_Toffee

    Portland_Toffee Portland Toffee

    There is 3 lads - COYB!!!!

    Actually think Villa away will be tricky, we need to be patient there.
  12. Portland_Toffee

    Portland_Toffee Portland Toffee

    I'm 2 for 2 here lads :cool:
  13. MainStander87

    MainStander87 New Around Here

    Going for 8. Spurs is too hard to call and Palace will grind out a draw if Pulis is in charge. Not feeling as confident about the derby given the way the other lot playing at the moment. Can see a point from each of those two and god knows what from Spurs
  14. Mart Slinger

    Mart Slinger New Around Here

    Its on.
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  15. HalewoodToffee

    HalewoodToffee Active Member

    Dunno how but it is
  16. Portland_Toffee

    Portland_Toffee Portland Toffee

    3 for 3 lads - 3 for 3
  17. MainStander87

    MainStander87 New Around Here

    7 points on the board. Could happily be proved wrong by 10 to 5 on Saturday

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