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    Hi guys, I mentioned in another thread (or 2 or 3 pmsl) that my girlfriend comes to the game with me, she started last season and really got into it. We went to all the pre-season friendlies. It's been great going with her and it's great to see her reaction, makes me so happy. Some of the lads that sit by us have taken a real shine to her and she's even had them round to watch the game when we can't make it to aways, really has got involved.

    Anyway, problem is we had an argument and she said I'm a twat and we always do whatever I want to do, she says she won't be going to any more games at all with me from now on and she can be a right moody bitch. It means I have to sit on my own at the game and also have nobody to go on toilet breaks at the same time (that sounds strange, but it's our 'thing'), it's almost like our urinary cycle is synchronised lol. I won't have anyone to share my experience with. Any advice guys? What should I do? I just want her to experience the pleasure that I do from the game. Do I stick it out or do I ditch her for the other bird I've been seeing?

    Really am quite gutted.
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    So what's the point of this, are you taking the piss out of someone or just trying to be funny in general? I don't think its working either way.
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    *stares* *blinks* *stares*

    Erm. Okay. Right. Just have a read of what you've just written and have a good long think.
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    I would say the obvious solution to this cryptic puzzle is to first find yourself an actual girlfriend

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