Ronaldo or Messi?

Discussion in 'Football Forum' started by Joe Roache, Oct 17, 2013.


Ronaldo or Messi?

  1. Ronaldo

  2. Messi

  1. Joe Roache

    Joe Roache New Around Here

    I think most will go with Messi, but for me it's Ronaldo.
  2. Ronaldo for me aswell, I like Messi but always preferred Ronaldo
  3. SteKelly

    SteKelly NSNO

    Ronaldo for me anyday of the week.
  4. Bill

    Bill New Around Here

    It would be Messi for me, me and my bird met him once in Liverpool and he was a really nice guy, asked if we could take his photo but I dropped my iphone and broke it, had some brilliant photos on there as well.

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