The Unthinkable

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by Sharples, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Sharples

    Sharples WOOL Moderator

    Have you ever gone for a piss at Goodison and missed a goal? Its happened to all of us or somebody we know, It's happened to me once, against the shite.
  2. HalewoodToffee

    HalewoodToffee Active Member

    Nope i hold it in till half time or full time like any adult should
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  3. Sharples

    Sharples WOOL Moderator

    Not always possible haha, people who leave early and miss a goal deserve all they get though.
  4. HalewoodToffee

    HalewoodToffee Active Member

    Never understood that, why leave early from a match?
  5. Done it a couple of times..

    On the topic of leaving early.. fella who used to sit next to me got off when we were getting beat 3-1 by United.. after snapping his season ticket in half and shouting a load of abuse at Moyes and the team he stormed out.. we all know what happened next haha
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  6. Sharples

    Sharples WOOL Moderator

    No idea, never done it in my life never will if i can help it quite a few left at Tottenham last year only for us to win 2-1! and hahaha fucking hell, I remember when we got beat 4-0 to Bolton at home, lad who sat next to my dad left after the first goal, he knew what was coming, and we never saw him again.
  7. HalewoodToffee

    HalewoodToffee Active Member

    Closest i have ever come is when McCallister goal flew over Gerard hand, i left before they stopped celebrating
  8. SL1878

    SL1878 New Around Here

    It was hard to stay when we were 6-0 down opening day of the season against Arsenal. In fact, it was hard to live. I genuinely wanted to end it all there and then.
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  9. The Street End

    The Street End Moderator

    I got off against Wigan with about 20 minutes left.
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  10. You were one of many there mate..
    Dont know how I stayed.. that was painful
  11. SL1878

    SL1878 New Around Here

    Phil Neville's pass back for McManamans goal Haunts my dreams. The cunt then had the cheek to clap the lads back to the halfway, like it wasn't his fault. Manc bastard!
  12. JackEFCMcCann

    JackEFCMcCann New Around Here

    I only stayed at the Wigan game because of the 3 hour trip home. Would've been off after about an hour if I lived in Liverpool
  13. It's happened to me a couple of times now when I've literally gone down 3 minutes early to beat the pint queue. Devastation.
  14. IAmVictus

    IAmVictus Member

    I stay from before kick off to half time and then the same till 90 mins. Don't like the idea of missing anything, seen how much I'm paying? haha.

    I've also not left early, even the Wigan game I stayed to stare in anger and disbelief at the team and make sure Neville didn't leave the field without being told he was a fucking shithouse. Also gave the Wigan fans, who to be fair were going at their celebrations with their team, a little courtesy clap as I left as I sit near the away section in PE and they gave a clap back. Bit of respect because I don't mind others doing well, it was our team I was pissed at...Never forgave Fellaini after that either, when he gave up the cunt.
  15. jack cook

    jack cook New Around Here

    Missed Naismiths against Chelsea doing this. In sure quite a few others did as well
  16. James Roberts

    James Roberts New Around Here

    The only game I remember leaving early was when we got beat 4-1 by West Brom at Goodison a few years back. Can never understand why people leave early unless we're getting battered. A fella and his lad behind me at the Spurs game left last season when Spurs were winning 1-0, bet they wish they hadn't like
  17. Stubbs67

    Stubbs67 New Around Here

    Left a couple derby defetes early, don't take them well at all!
  18. ManxBlue

    ManxBlue New Around Here

    I can never understand why people go for a piss while the game is on. Fair enough it saves the half time queue but you get more then enough time to go so surely its not worth missing the game for. Also its a pain for others who have to get up to let you out etc....
  19. Azz

    Azz Member

    I go down 30 minutes in every week for a bevvy in Goodison. Missed plenty of goals and can't say it bothers me. Earliest ive left from the game is about 35 mins gonna v Wigan like. Left before half time a couple of derbies too.

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