What do Everton mean to you?

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by Sharples, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Sharples

    Sharples WOOL Moderator

    Sum up what Everton mean to you in no more than 15 words. Go.:D
  2. Portland_Toffee

    Portland_Toffee Portland Toffee

    High Hopes, Let Downs, Best Feelings, Worst Feelings, Pride, Family, Big Nev, Big Dunc ....... LIMBS
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  3. ANDYEFC95

    ANDYEFC95 OnceEvertonHasTouchedYouNothingWillEverBeTheSame

    once Everton has touched you nothing will ever be the same big dunc ups downs
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  4. Stubbs67

    Stubbs67 New Around Here

    Passion, togetherness, historic!

    I can't really put it into 15 words, I'll admit now, Everton are not my 1st love, I couldn't call my feelings for the club a 'soft spot' or a '2nd team' because I feel my interest in supporting Everton is more intense than yer average fan who tells you they have a soft spot for another team other than their own.

    I'm a season ticket holder at Celtic park, active fan home & away week in week out. For me the Everton family are a mirror image of what we have up here at Celtic. As said above, a club together with their fans, great and proud history. An iconic club, you recognize the Jersey from 100 yards away. I can pin point the first moment I took notice of Everton. I was a boy watching match of the day....Everton v Coventry to save relegation. Farrelly pings the ball in the net and the place goes wild. The passion I seen that game from the stands made me fall in love right away because I recognized it from my own experiences supporting the Celts!

    So there....15 words haha!
  5. CalDumbell

    CalDumbell New Around Here

    Family, passion, Massive highs, Soul Destroying lows, enjoyment, despair, love, hate
  6. Sconnie Steve

    Sconnie Steve New Around Here

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  7. nilsatis

    nilsatis New Around Here

    lol . . If you don't understand then you don't matter . . . :)
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