"What's ya best away la?"

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by EvertonArentWe, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. This is a classic Bonk shout when he's had a few. And here's two favourites:

    Chelsea v Everton
    The FA Cup 4th Round - 19.02.11:

    Sunderland v Everton
    The FA Cup 6th Round - 27.03.12:

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  2. Sharples

    Sharples WOOL Moderator

    I'd have to say Bolton in the FA Cup, Heitinga dieing minutes winner, singing "shall we fill your ground for you" then waiting 2 hours for a train while throwing snowballs at coppers and the unfortunate Bolton fans who were made to walk past us.
  3. Boss snowball fight that lad. Second only to Arsenal about 3 years ago. The 2-2, when Pienaar chipped Almunia and vaughny missed that chance to snatch it.
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  4. Azz

    Azz Member

    West Ham was up there like
  5. Always is!
  6. Sharples

    Sharples WOOL Moderator

    Never been to the Emirates unfortunately, heard it's boss though, I'll never forget that lad who got hit in the face lost his rag, went to throw a snowball at us and get knocked down before he had chance to throw it, then the coppers dragged him off as if he was in the wrong
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  7. alexglover1995

    alexglover1995 New Around Here

    Wrecked me head for ages this couldn't decide between
    1. Sunderland Away in the cup
    2. Swansea away when we fucked them 3-0
    3. West Ham this year
  8. Sharples

    Sharples WOOL Moderator

    Only went to West Ham once, Everton couldn't send the tickets out on time, it was a christmas time game, told us to pick up tickets at the ground, West Ham denied all knowledge, saw Coleman score on the big screen through a gap in the stadium, got in at half time and saw them equalize, pretty shit day if i'm honest.
  9. JackEFCMcCann

    JackEFCMcCann New Around Here

    Sunderland in the cup and Newcastle last season. Fulham away a few years ago when we won 3-1 was boss as well, my first real away trip.
  10. STEC1878

    STEC1878 @ste_corlett

    Newcastle Away was decent last year. Baines' free kick. Came back from spain the day before and alls I can remeber was being freezing haha.
  11. Darrenc

    Darrenc New Around Here

    Being an arl fucker would have to say mine would probably be Spurs away in 85 Gray and Stevens for us and Neville pulling off a worldie to keep us ahead it had everything night game the most Evertonians I've ever seen at an away game in London still gives me goosebumps
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  12. Marc Hottiger

    Marc Hottiger New Around Here

    Aston Villa 1- Everton 3 the season we finished 4th. We were boss that day.
  13. Smiggs

    Smiggs New Around Here

    Kharkiv away propbebly my best ever trip away following the blues

    Porstmouth Away in about 03 when it was the only away game we won all season ha

    Villa 3-1 in 05 best have seen us play
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  14. Hello_Newman

    Hello_Newman New Around Here

    Villa 3-1 season we finished 4th
    Leeds when Rooney scored
  15. Portland_Toffee

    Portland_Toffee Portland Toffee

    Nuremburg - always been gutted I missed that, the video on YouTube someone put up in another thread is the reason why. Looked like a boss atmosphere.
  16. charlie butler

    charlie butler New Around Here

    Man u at wembley in the semis of the fa cup, winning on pens. Bouncin.
  17. nilsatis

    nilsatis New Around Here

    loads to pick from . . Recently Chelsea and Sunderland . . .but as am an old git i remember villa in 85 when we took 15k there as it was pay on turnstyle . . Then there is Nuremberg . . !!!! All things considered about the whole trip i would go for Nuremberg . . .
  18. Mike Hollis

    Mike Hollis New Around Here

    Probably have to go with Benfica away, my first European away game, the only downer being the score line. But around 10000 Evertonians taking over Rosso Square is something I'll never forget
  19. Charro

    Charro Member

    Blackburn, beer tent. Cant even remember the score, all I remember was Anichebe pelting some inbred cunt with a snowball.

    All the away matches I go to are shit, lose 3-0 to Hull and that.
  20. Smiggs

    Smiggs New Around Here

    Nuremburg was class, the fact we didn't even know the players was staying where we was all singing untill the coach turned up made it better than they heard us singing all day.

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