Which player would you have loved to have seen in an Everton shirt? (Realistically)

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by GeorgeRushton, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Dino

    Dino New Around Here

    Don't get the Walker shouts. I'd have Seamus over him every day of the week.

    Eden Hazard is the big one. It was almost sewn up but we just didn't have the pennies.
  2. James Roberts

    James Roberts New Around Here

    When did we go in for Hazard? I have no recollection of this at all
  3. MO'K

    MO'K Member

    Falcao, he was available on the cheap around 5 years ago, the time when Martin O'Neil turned him down for Emile Heskey.
  4. Dino

    Dino New Around Here

    Couple of years before Chelsea signed him. Apparently he was all for it as well. Only thing missing was the fee.
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  5. MO'K

    MO'K Member

    Rather have Mirallas anyway
  6. BlueHobbit

    BlueHobbit I like Everton.

    Benteke. The things he could've done for us last season. Don't think we were ever in for him, only ever read one article with us linked to him before his move to Villa.
  7. jonnyevertonian4

    jonnyevertonian4 New Around Here

    Essien an moyes said he wasnt good enough. We were offered him before lyon signed him off st etienne bad shout you ginger twat
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  8. Charro

    Charro Member

    The Essien that Moyes tried to sign last year.
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  9. jonnyevertonian4

    jonnyevertonian4 New Around Here

    Yes that essien. Offered him before anyone knew him moyes done well

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