World Cup 2014 winner?

Discussion in 'Football Forum' started by Max Carlyle, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Max Carlyle

    Max Carlyle Member

    Germany for me!
  2. Bill

    Bill New Around Here

  3. IAmVictus

    IAmVictus Member

    Brazil might find it within them to win again. No doubt the have the talent and now the home team with the spirit. They are a hit and miss team, perhaps they may hit this time.
  4. Sharples

    Sharples WOOL Moderator

  5. Charlie Willbourn

    Charlie Willbourn New Around Here

  6. DerekIsLiving

    DerekIsLiving New Around Here

    They may not have the experience to win it in 2014, but Belgium may be worth backing.
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  7. Azz

    Azz Member

    Dunno how Brazil are favourites like. Germany I think... Wouldn't rule Spain out though either.
  8. SteKelly

    SteKelly NSNO

    No european country has ever won the WC in South America so its obviously going to happen in 2014.
  9. Joe Roache

    Joe Roache New Around Here

    Germany - Spain final, Germany to win!
  10. ANDYEFC95

    ANDYEFC95 OnceEvertonHasTouchedYouNothingWillEverBeTheSame

    id have a little money on belgum
  11. MikeParrysniffedmyseat

    MikeParrysniffedmyseat New Around Here

    I'll give you 1000/1 odds on Belgum winning the world cup
  12. MO'K

    MO'K Member

    Brazil vs Belgium final I reckon, can see Brazil edging it though because it's in well.. Brazil.
  13. Luffy

    Luffy New Around Here

    Spain with Belgium as a roughie.
  14. Simply because of the record european clubs have in South American world cups im going to say Brasil or Argentina.. If a european county was to win it though I think it would be either Germany or Spain
  15. Stubbs67

    Stubbs67 New Around Here

    The Home nation - Brazil
  16. HalewoodToffee

    HalewoodToffee Active Member

    Think Brazil will have to win it and will.
  17. JoeSharpaCash

    JoeSharpaCash New Around Here

    Germany will suffer the same fate as the Euros, they were sure they would win it and ended up having their arses handed to them.

    Greece could be an outside bet, certainly more likely than Belgium IMO.
  18. kingcahill87

    kingcahill87 New Around Here

    Germany for me
  19. CalDumbell

    CalDumbell New Around Here

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